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How My Boyfriend Tried To Kill Me on Vacation. 3 Times.

Dating an adrenaline junkie has it's benefits.
We take lots of spontaneous trips, and there's never a boring moment.
But? It means I almost die. A lot. Like this day.
So what do you get when you add together 6 countries, 6 days, 1 car and 1 adrenaline junkie?
3 near death experiences. 

We'll start with the first one.
This one doesn't really count as Dom trying to kill me because it was an actual accident, and it was both of us, but that's a minor detail.
It was our first full day in Switzerland (one of the most amazing countries, ever).
We were following our trusty GPS to get from Zurich, where we flew in, to Zermatt, where we would spend the first few days.
There are a few little obstacles in between those two cities though, the Swiss Alps.
No worries though, there are roads that take you up and over.
So, we're driving along and the GPS is being a little funky, but we are following another car so we just continue along.  Things get a little weird when we start going away from civilization and the GPS keeps recalculating, but we're following a car who looks like he knows what he's doing so we keep going.  We start following him up the mountain.

Then, the GPS starts saying over and over "When possible, make a legal u-turn."
I'm starting to get very nervous and think we should turn back.
Only problem? The road is so narrow our SUV can barely fit.  There is nowhere to pull over, and no side rails.  And we're getting higher and higher up the mountain.
That car we were following? It had turned into it's driveway long before.  We had no choice but continue up the mountain. All around us were the other mountains, and no sign of any towns.
At this point I am absolutely freaking out, but trying (unsuccessfully) to stay calm.
Finally, we reached the top of the mountain, where I took my first real breath...and then experienced my first panic attack. 
Have I mentioned I'm terrified of heights?
 Once I controlled my sobbing we had no choice but to go back down the way we came, and pray no other cars were coming. There was no possible way 2 cars would fit on that road, and one false move and we were toast.

{It's hard to tell in this picture, but around that hump is a huge valley in between the 2 alps}

We made it to the bottom with only one yell, and a few tears.
I completely understand why people get out and kiss the ground.  I have never been so happy to see sea level. Once we got down we saw the sign.
We had driven up a bike path for hikers.
A path for bikes. Not cars.

Then, we recalculated and found the actual road and drove up the mountain like we were supposed to and had a nice little lunch on top!

The second time Dom tried to kill me was also in Switzerland.
Talk about a dangerous country.
We got to Zermatt and Dom wanted to ski the Matterhorn.
Dom, who was on the Olympic Development Team for ski racing, and me, a girl who only skies one week of the year at a resort.  And is still afraid of heights, by the way.
I got that familiar feeling.  He was trying to kill me.
No. Bueno.

Still, I was determined to be a fun adventurous girlfriend and went along.
3 gondola rides and a chairlift later we reached the top. 

{Dom was nice and snowboarded so he's be "slower" for me. AKA make it seem less obvious when I went missing.}

It was very scary at first, but Dom's plan was thwarted and I actually had fun!
I didn't even fall down. Dom did. Ha!

Since his first 2 attempts were unsuccessful, Dom had one final chance to kill me.
This time it was in Germany.
On a little thing called the Autobahn.
Haven't heard of it? Let's just say it's a German highway...with no speed limit.
We took it at 4am on our way to the airport.
There were no other cars, so the boy ran free...
At 220KPH!

3 attempts later, I am still alive.
Let's see what he tries next time!



  1. Gosh. My husband is the same freaking way. But I put my foot down with him most of the time. So, good for you girl! You are a trooper! =)

  2. These stories are all so funny! I'm sure I would have also been terrified on that car ride though! But it looks like you truly had an amazing vacation! And you have such a fun boyfriend :) Mine is also super spontaneous and always wanting to do things, so that means we are never bored at least!!

  3. A bike path!??! I'm so glad you made it down safely! We've driven the back side of the road to Hana in Maui. We were mere inches from falling into the ocean. And 220mph...woah. I would have peed my pants.

  4. At least now we know who to blame if something happens to you ;)

  5. OMG- I cannot believe you guys drove up a bike path. I am laughing and crying for you at the same time because I TOTALLY would have been freaking out.

  6. Jealous of your snow adventure! Glad he didnt kill you or we would have had words ;)

    So you know, I nominated you for an award on my blog! Go check it out! :)

  7. HAHAHAA I'm sorry, but these posts of yours always make me LoL!

    Have a great week and congrats on the fabulous new job! XO

  8. This was such a fun post to read, minus Dom's failed attempts to kill you and good thing they were failed attempts. My guy is super spontaneous and an adrenaline junkie, but I am slightly opposite, I mean I love rollercoasters, but that's about it. Hopefully no more attempts from him!

  9. Oh my gosh that story about the mountain made me so nervous! I would have been dying! I'm so glad you made it down safely! And that Autobahn looks like something my boyfriend would love! Sometimes he likes to pretend the Pennsylvania Turnpike has no speed limit. Ha!

  10. Your drive through the Swiss Alps sounds like the road to my village, it's not quite as narrow as a hiking path, but one car does need to pull over to let another car pass, and my husband drives it like he's in the Autobahn! Now I'm beginning to think he might be trying to kill me too!


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