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SPD: Ornament Wreath!

Dom and I ran into an earth shattering dilemma when picking out Christmas decorations.

A regular fern wreath looked very out of place and clashed with our pink house.
Tragic, I know.
Thankfully, I had Pinterest to help me find a solution to the Great Christmas Crisis of 2012.

This craft as everything good in common with the last one I did for this fabulous link up.
It's inexpensive, quick and easy.  Along with super festive and sparkly.
Since we all know I am no Martha Stewart, sparkly yet still easy is music to my ears!

This week I made...

An Ornament Wreath!

What you will need- ornaments (duh), hot glue gun, a wire hanger, and some ribbon or whatever you will use to hang it up!

I used about 60 ornaments (purchased for about $15 total from Walmart) and used varying sizes, but you can do whatever your festive heart desires.

The first thing you need to do is hot glue the the little hooks to the ornament.  This is very important, even if you're like me and thought the ornaments were sturdy enough to skip that step.  If you don't do it, when you start stringing them on, the little cap with the hook will pop off and you'll have ornaments flying everywhere. No bueno.  So, just take a few seconds and glue the base of the cap.  It doesn't have to look pretty since you won't see that part anyways!

Then, you make the wire hanger look as much like a circle as possible, and start stringing the ornaments.
At first it will look very weird. It will seem like you're just stringing them one by one, but the more you add and shake it around, the more it fills out.  I tried to fill in the gaps with smaller ornaments too!  
Once you have ornaments all around twist the wire ends together and use ribbon (or whatever you like) to cover it up.

Then, hang it up and stare at its beauty. ;)
 Yes, Dom lit our palm trees.  I'm so in love!

See original pin here! 



  1. Okay..I love the lit palm trees!!! =)
    That wreath is so gorgeous. May just have to try doing this... =)

  2. That wreath looks SO GOOD! I love it.


  3. You choose craft projects the same way I do - pretty and/or sparkly, but simple to do! And this came out great. I love it! This definitely looks like something I can accomplish too. Oh, and I love your Christmas palm tress as well :) That's one of my favorite things about Florida! I even wrote about it in one of my blog posts a few weeks ago!

  4. ooooh. I love this! Did you have a color/size pattern you followed or just did whichever one you picked up?

  5. I need to make one of these ASAP!

  6. I have seen this on Pinterest and it always seemed way too difficult for me. Your's looks awesome though and I might get up the courage to give it a go. Gorgeous wreath =)

  7. I tried to make one of these last year. And I forgot the glue gun step. Yep, it was a major fail!

  8. So cute! I made an Easter Egg wreath so I'll have to try and make one of these :)

  9. Ooo! Great idea. I want to make one

  10. I didn't realize that these could be so easy to make. Definitely better than paying about $20 for the ones we sell at the store where I work.

  11. Nailed it. And thanks for making it look so easy! I might give it a go :)


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