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The One Where I Saw Kim Kardashian

One of my life goals came true this weekend.
No, I'm not engaged.
No, I didn't have a baby.
No, Hugh Jackman didn't declare his undying love for me.
But you know what did happen?

I saw Kim Kardashian.
Go ahead, roll your eyes.  It doesn't matter what you say, I love her.
Yes, I know she is a little ridiculous, and I by no means agree with everything she does,
But I think she is entertaining, business smart (you actually study them at GW business school, and until you can turn a sex tape into a $65 million a year industry, you can't knock her business skills) and seeing her was very, very awesome.

It all started with a black Bentley.
(Well actually, it started when I joked that maybe we'd run into Kim K since we were going to such a snazzy restaurant in Miami, but anyways...)

Dom's dad noticed it outside the restaurant we were headed to and the crowd gathering around.  He thought someone had backed into it.
We got closer and heard a camera man yelling "Kim Kardashian!"
We had to get closer.  And there she was, just sitting in her car texting.
All while a huge RV was unloaded with men's clothing.  Kanye West, anyone?

The first thing I noticed was how tiny she is in real life.
Then of course I get all flustered saying she's probably waiting in her car until people like us leave her in peace!

But then, the doors to the building she is waiting outside of open and camera men come out, following Jon Cheban and another guy I didn't recognize.
At this point I actually thought I was dying.  I guess I've always had a flare for drama... 
They walked to the car and she nonchalantly got out and greeted them, chatting and hugging.
We realized then they were filming for Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and we were about to be on film!
So I sucked it in a stuck it out as they walked by us, chatting like this was totally normal.

As you can see in the second picture, her butt is just as big in real life.  She, however, is so tiny!
She smiled and waved and was on her way.
I was's true.

The night got even better eating at Nobu- Miami Beach.  The food was the most amazing food I have ever eaten.  There are really no words.  If you are ever in NYC or Miami Beach, I highly recommend it! It will change your life. :)



  1. Well you are just the cat's meow because I love me some Kardashian. I'm more of a Kourtney fan myself, but COME ON! You saw Kimmy K in the flesh and I am so jealous. On an unrelated note, you look faboosh in that last shot. Have a great week! XO

  2. I love celeb spottings!! how fun!

  3. You are so pretty, girl! I tried to email you last night, but I got it sent back to me! I am going to be sending you an ornament soon (via LIY Ornament Swap!) & need some inforamtion :)

  4. Wow! That's pretty cool!!! Glad you were there to act all cool like normal ;-)

  5. How fun! Celeb sightings are always fun now matter who it is! And you are smokin my dear! Lucky Dom ;)

  6. It's so crazy because I have lived in Miami my whole life and I have only see a celebrity twice! You on the other hand don't even live in Miami and see one right on the spot! How funny! It's called Luck girl! Hope you had an amazing weekend <3

    xoxo Yesi

  7. So cool! My guilty pleasure is watching their show! Love it!

    -Karla :-)

  8. OH EM GEEEE! Can't believe you saw her in real life haha! PS you look smokin in your dress!


  9. I can hate that woman as much as I want, but their show is the bees knees. I just can't get enough. She is smart, I don't doubt it, but I feel quite sure she pays people to think for her ;)

    xo, oolalalauren.

  10. my friend was at the restaurant they were at in Vegas for.... Rob's (?) birthday. She was on twitter crying because she loves KimK so much. I tweeted Kim like, 20 times that night to see if my friend Katie could get a shout out! Lol.

    i couldn't help but wonder...

  11. I am so jealous!! The Kardashians are definitely my number one guilty pleasure. I would seriously die! Too cool! :)

  12. Seeing a Kardashian is sooo cool! Totally not lame at all. I'd be freaking out!

  13. Jealous!!!

    that second pic... looks like jon is grabbing her big ol booty and I love it haha!

  14. Omg this post totally made me love you! I get how lame it is but I love Kim Kardashian too!!!! Following along from the Friends to Followers Blog Hop.


  15. It's hard not to be star-struck! No matter how hard you try: just happens. Cool story!

  16. Thats the funniest story!! I just looove bumping into celebs. The few Ive seen I always try and act "cool" ha! if they only knew. Your newest follower from the hop! If you get a chance, come visit me.


  17. Love Kim K's outfit but you two look just as fab!

  18. That is too funny that you saw KK while out and about in Miami. Did you hear the story about the female pap getting her camera smacked by Kanye? You might have been in Europe when it happened. Anyway, she is a friend of mine and takes pics of these people all the time. She and Kanye just recently hugged and made up outside the airport the other week. :)

  19. Ah! I can't believe you got I see Kim K!!! I am a Kim K junkie - no shame!


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