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Women Connect 2012: 23. Live-in Girlfriend. Lover of Life

I know I always say this, but I am actually obsessed with this link-up idea from Becky.  Sometimes I feel a little lost in the blog world because I'm not a mom, a newlywed, or a bride to be.  I'm just a 23 year old girl who is squeezing every bit out of life.  I love that this link up celebrates what makes each blog special, and a way to connect with people with similar interests (although I am obsessed with babies, marriage and weddings! ;))

So, what makes me me?
I love life.

My boyfriend and I recently left our families in New York to move to South Florida and start a life of adventure, fun and a whole lot of love.

We strive to see the good in every situation.
I searched unsuccessfully for a job for 2 months, but instead of wallowing in self pity, we found great deals and explored our new state.
If we had a day with nothing to do? We got in the car and drove.
We would explore a city or little town a few hours away and create memories without spending a penny.

I'm not an amazing cook.  This is not the place for award winning recipes.  But every once in awhile? I find something that is pretty darn amazing, and I love nothing more than to share it here.

My man and I can't imagine staying in place for long.  We both live to travel and experience new countries and cultures.  We met half way across the world after all!

So on this blog you won't find new baby advice, or wedding planning tips, but you will find the story of two 23 year olds just starting their lives together, along with every adventure, mishap and near death experience that comes with it!



  1. You two are the cutest. I am linking up today too. I have followed your blog for awhile now. I am probably your parents age but I still enjoy reading all about your adventures.

  2. Love this girly! Your blog is awesome and so much fun! I love that you two can find adventure in almost anything ;) I linked up today too! Such a great idea!!

  3. Aw, this was precious!!! If you EVER need Florida travel or adventure ideas, let me know! It's a really fun state to explore :)

  4. Ahh! This linkup by Becky officially just made top five in my book. I have found so many incredible blogs today but yours tops the list! I am also 23, living in Florida with my boyfriend, exploring and trying to find my place in the world! We moved here a few years ago without friends and family and so I can totally relate!
    I love this post and your blog and can't wait to read more!!!

  5. Hey lovely! I had to click on your link because you said lover of travel. You and I are in different places in our life (im doing the married/mom thing) but I so appreciate your fun outlook towards life and fun. Looking forward to following you!

  6. I am glad and I love your blog! I am 22 and live with my 'boyfriend' of several years. I have no interest in planning a wedding! It does feel like most blogs are newlyweds or getting married.. or children! We have none.. and are not planning them anytime soon. People are always asking when I'm getting married or having babies. Give it a break! So I LOVE your blog ;-)

  7. YOU ARE SO FREAKING CUTE! I especially love the stories of how Dom tries to kill you on vacation. Pure Love! ;) XO

  8. I actually started to follow your blog *because* you don't give newly-wed advice or parenting tips. I do follow blogs by other married people (I'm married) and parents...but I don't think that their blogs should necessarily give advice. Just because they do certain things, it doesn't mean that it's the best choice for other people's situations with their husband and/or kids.

    I prefer blogs like yours, where the author is simply trying to live their life, not change other people's lives.

  9. Definitely smiled when I read this, love your optimism! Already a follower :)

    Lots of bloggy love from Ashton over at:

  10. This is wonderful! I have severe Wanderlust and love to travel. I'm so glad that you're on a great adventure!


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