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Awesome Holiday DIY!

I'm turning you over to Molly today for an awesome Christmas craft! I can't wait to try myself :)
 Fun, Easy DIY Snowglobes!
 With Christmas just around the corner, you may have already gotten your decorating out of the way. However, there’s always time for a cute DIY project that costs next to nothing and will spice up your display in just an hour or so! 
You may have seen mason jar snowglobes at retailers like Anthropologie, but here’s a quick tutorial, courtesy of, on how to make these adorable decorations on your own, with old jars and some simple craft supplies. 
Pick a variety of jars, like mason, jelly, or baby food, to create a multi-tiered winter wonderland and add some depth. Though the crafts suggested worked great, you can experiment with all types of figurines, trees, etc. This craft is also really great to do with kids, with supervision of course. Read on and get crafting!

 See a larger version of the image here!


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  1. These are my absolute favorite things ever. I can't wait to make one sometime :) makes me sick to think people pay what they pay at Anthro for something they could make for like $5!!


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