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Christmas Decor And A Secret About Me...

The 85 degree weather down here makes it a little harder to get in the Christmas spirit, so Dom and I tried to decorate as much as possible to get in the mood!
We're on a budget, so Chevy Chase won't be too jealous, but I still love it.
Thankfully, daylight savings makes it get dark pretty much right as I get home from work, so it makes it easy to pretend it's snowing outside.
Until I go outside and the 100% humidity makes my hair poof.  But anyways...
Here's a look at our Christmas decorations!

 My 2 favorite ornaments that my mom sent down
The first one is a favorite for obvious reasons, and the second? It's secret time.  
It's also TMI time.
This one makes me laugh every time because...yours truly was made in Australia...with American parts.  I should be scarred by this information, but it just makes me understand why part of my heart never left Sydney even more!
And yes this is me in front of the infamous hotel when I studied abroad.
Okay, Im going to go now before I scar you all anymore.


  1. bahaha this made me laugh! I actually think vacations are a common "making" time!

    And welcome to Florida Christmas! Don't worry, once we hit january and you no longer want the cold to feel festive, you'll be happy to be here!

  2. Love all of your Christmas decor!

    My conception story is hilariously traumatizing, to say the least. But I'm not so sure I need to share that with the blog world via comment haha :)

  3. Ha! I love your secret! Here's some TMI for you. John wanted to name Nathan, Tressel after Coach Tressel. He was made while watching an Ohio State game.

  4. Haha I love it! It is awesome that you have a decoration to celebrate and all!

  5. That's the best Xmas ornament back story ever!


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