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Getting Lucky in Luxembourg.

You all are bad.
I know why you clicked on this post.
Too bad for you, I just needed an exciting title that sounded good with Luxembourg.
But! We did get lucky.
Lucky that one of Dom's fraternity brothers is studying abroad there so we had someone to show us around!
Luxembourg is seriously gorgeous. Who knew?  I think that's what I loved so much about our trip; we got to visit places we probably wouldn't have ever thought to vacation.  Now we know the places to skip, and places we have to go back to and never leave!

We got to Luxembourg around noon, and started our day by making our parents proud and touring the historical castemates.
You know you're old when you chose to do something educational...and pay for it. It was so great!
Kind of creepy too.
I wish I had pictures to do the city justice, but there was a weird haze that made all my pictures really washed out.  You just have to use your imagination a little!
We walked around Luxembourg City (didn't take long), saw the Palace, toured the cathedral and finally met up with Sam!
We got dinner and drinks with him, and then something happened that's not supposed to happen when you're with a local.  We got lost.
Sam works in Luxembourg City, but lives outside of it, so once we got down into the city he got disoriented! Per usual it turned into an adventure, as we tried to find our way up.

You can see in pictures that the city of Luxembourg is in kind of a valley of sorts.  They built it that way to protect the city, but when you've found your way's hard to get back up!
Eventually we made it, but not before Sam informed us that Luxembourg has the highest rate of lost landmines.
Or before we followed a path we thought would lead us up, but turned out to be a government building that took our picture when we stepped on the property.
We may be wanted in Luxembourg now...come to think of it.  
Luckily, Luxembourg is even more gorgeous at night.

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  1. Looks like a fairy tale! How cool!

  2. Gah! Can we just go travel the world together?! I'm so envious of how many places you've been!!! PS- you HIT 500(+) followers girl!! AHH!! So proud of you! :)

  3. Wow...absolutely beautiful! Following you from the GFC blog hop.


  4. Wow what a beautiful place! Very cool you had someone to show you around too. Highest rate of lost landmines?! Uh oh lol

    Thanks for co-hosting the GFC Blog hop following you via gfc :)

    Beauty Flawed


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