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I can't believe...

I can't badly my head hurts.  Just putting it out there in case my post goes all kind of crazy.  It's 9:53pm and I just got home for the first time all day and all I want is my bed.  Too bad to do lists don't just disappear!

I can't believe...This HEAT! I know I live in South Florida, but we hit 90 with almost 100% humidity, which is unseasonably hot even for here! My hair and I were happy with my mid-70s December. Plus, if Dom asks me if I've been playing with electrical outlets recently one more time I might just shave my head. ;)

I can't believe...Some girls these days! Everyone is always complaining about the lack of good guys, and then something like this happens.
Funny story time... my parents recently went to Arizona to visit my grandma, and while they were there they went to dinner with my cousin, who is there working for the FBI.  He is 28 and happens to look like Daniel Craig. Anywho, they were asking how he was settling in in Phoenix, and he told them that a few weeks before he was at a bar talking to a girl about the normal small talk stuff. She asked about where he went to school and what he does for work. So, he told her Boston University, then the Army, NYU grad school, FBI Academy and now he's an FBI agent.  She just looked at him and said, "Do girls actually believe that?"
Umm... I don't know what I would say to that! Newsflash: Not all men are liars.

I can't believe... I go home in less than 2 weeks! I'm so excited to celebrate Christmas with my family, and hopefully get a little snow!

I can't believe... It's 12/12/12! Things like this get me very excited.

I can't believe...I'm still writing.  And that you're still reading. I love you.  Bedtime for Robin.



  1. That FBI story is funny! But maybe I'm naive but can FBI agents tell people that they are in the FBI?? I thought it was supposed to be secret? No wait, that's the CIA maybe? Omg I think I might be a little "slow" hehe!

  2. Haha did he really do all of that??

    I guess if I was just meeting a guy at a bar and he told me all of that, I'd be skeptical too! He kind of sounds too good to be true which a lot of girls are leery of lol.

  3. 90 degrees?! Seriously? That is crazy... I am supposed to be visiting my family in Jacksonville near the end of December, but I highly doubt the temperature will be nearly that high!

    XO, Kelsey

  4. I agree! I think there are plenty of good men, but too many women have stupid standards - like that girl who talked to your cousin - or they've had problems with one man and have decided to judge all men because of it.

    Funny story: Years ago, before my husband and I met, a girl turned him down because he wasn't born in the exact same year as her. He was only about four years older, but she believed that her true soulmate would be born in the same year. One of the dumbest rules I've ever heard of.

  5. Welcome to Florida! I live in Jacksonville, so the weather's not that hot, but it was 75 on Monday. Sheer craziness! I want to rock a scarf!

    Oh and I totally geeked out when I saw it was 12-12-12. A date like that won't happen again for a long time!!

  6. haaaappy 12 12 12! so happy i found your little blog, its the cutest

  7. 90 degree weather in December!? OHMY this Ohio gal is so jealous!! So sorry your head hurts! I hate long days and to-do lists that never end lol!


  8. I'm totally okay with switching places if you'd like to come to TN!! Miss that Florida Sunshine and short sleeves in December!

  9. Your cousin sounds like an absolute dream! I totally would have believed him and then ever so boldly offered to buy him a drink (if I was single of course).

  10. oh my gosh, my hubby and i's bff is also an FBI agent, age 31

    UofM- duluth, then the Army, FBI Academy and now he's an FBI agent.

    dating and he just sticks to telling chicks he's a home depot cart boy ;)

    girls SO dont believe the "its too good to be trues" which is too bad b/c this friend of ours is pretty dang incred... just like yours probs is too!


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