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Show and Tell: Christmas List

It feels very strange to be typing my Christmas list sitting on our patio in the 80 degree sun!
By now you all know that I love me some heat, and I really could not be happier that it is still so beautiful in December, but it makes the whole Christmas thing feel so different.
Once it gets dark out (which it always is by the time I get home from work) we turn on the Christmas lights, burn all our candles and watch something Christmas-y to get in the spirit.
Then? I wake up the next morning and feel like it's summer again. Not a bad gig.

Anywho, here's what's on my Christmas list this year!

An Ipad.  
Apple has such a way of making you not be able to live without something you never knew you needed! I love the portability of it, I hate lugging my computer around when we go on quick trips! I'm asking for an older one too, I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles.  Just give me internet and pictures :)
zoom lense for my Canon Rebel.
I was lucky enough to borrow my dad's for Dom and my trip and I just love it! Sadly, I had to return it to now I want my own!

A Swell Caroline Flutter Monogrammed Necklace in Rose Gold.
I have always wanted a monogrammed necklace, but I want to wait to get a really nice cutout one until I'm married, so I can wear it forever.  These are so cute and much less expensive. I'm in love!

The new book out on Lilly Pulitzer, and if I'm being honest...anything Lilly is always on my list!

What are you wishing for this year?!


  1. I totally agree--I want an ipad even though I totally don't need one! eek!!

    Don't forget to check out the giveaway going on at Cotton's Pickins right now, too!

  2. Oh, I want an iPad too! I would be totally blown away if I actually got one! I hope Dom is reading this :)

  3. Love your list! I want that book as well!!

  4. Tablets are great for reading books (I personally prefer the Samsung Galaxy, though). Hopefully you'll get the iPad!

  5. you have the perfect wish list ever....monograms, lilly and apple....i'm pretty much a fan of it all! hope you get what's on your list :)

  6. I'm going to be adding a monogrammed necklace to my wish list now too :)

  7. I could use a good new lens as well!


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