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Strasbourg, France

Merry Christmas Eve!
Today I am helping Dom and his mom prepare for the crazy Italian Christmas Eve party that is happening tonight.  There will be lots of friends, family, and laughs, all enhanced by a little Christmas "punch!"
This will be my second time taking part in the festivities and I can't wait.
At least this year I know what I'm getting into!

Without further adieu, here's a little but about our day in Strasbourg, France!

Just like every other part of our time in Switzerland, our trip from Zermatt to Strasbourg turned out to be quite the adventure!  Instead of being able to go up and over these mountains, we actually had to drive our car onto a rickety train that took us through the mountain.  It was 15 minutes of pure darkness and actually spooked me a little! But soon enough we got back into the sunlight and headed on our way.

We got to Strasbourg in the early evening and explored before finding a real french crepe!
Gluten free shmuten free...when in France right?
Then, we found the cutest restaurant on the water to eat.

 Getting back to the hotel was the shock of the trip.  It was shocking then, but absolutely hilarious to look back on.  The hotel was practically falling apart and reeked of cigarette smoke.
When we got to our room? Once we got the suitcases in there was no room for us! We had to crawl over them and onto the bed.  There was no shower, just a broken spout that half sputtered some cold water if you asked it really nicely.  Don't forget the TV!  It was a whole 12 inches. Except, oh didn't work.
Thankfully we didn't plan on spending any time there! As Dom repeated many times...
"It's all about the story babe."
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  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! Merry Christmas.

  2. The photos are too cute! I feel bad about the hotel part but the rest of the trip sounded good :)

  3. I wouldn't mind the hotel because France is absolutely amazing!!

  4. Dom's right, whenever something like that happens to me (and since I live in France it happens a lot) I just think of it as blog fodder :)


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