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Zermatt, Switzerland!

2 months after setting off for our European adventure I am finally sitting down to recap our road trip.  You all might not care anymore, but I want to remember ever last detail of our incredible second week.  Plus, I don't think anyone complains about an abundance pictures of gorgeous places!

After we left the canonization, Dom and I hopped on a plane and flew to Zermatt, Switzerland!
Eh...not so fast.  We actually flew to Zurich, Switzerland, where we stayed the night in a super creepy hostel.  The hostel was fine, but it creeps me out when old men stay in youth hostels.  I got the heebie jeebies and insisted Dom and I sleep in the same twin bunk.
After a few hours of elbows and shoulder blades jabbing each other, limbs falling asleep and the sweet sound of strangers snoring, we got up and started the 6 hour drive to Zermatt!

Besides that one point where Dom tried to kill me, the drive to Zermatt was incredible.  It was all back roads through the mountains, and we felt like we were traveling through a postcard the entire way.  You can get between the two cities much quicker, but we decided to take the long way and enjoy.
That meant stopping for pictures pretty much every turn.
And when we got hungry? There was a restaurant on the top of one of the mountains for us to eat at and overlook the incredible mountain range we were surrounded by.
The drive flew by and eventually we reached Zermatt.  My absolute favorite thing about my new little Swiss city is that no cars are allowed in order to preserve the environment.
When you drive in, you park your car about 15 minutes away and take a train in the rest of the way.  The whole city is so tiny and relaxing.  We spent hours just walking along the main drag slipping into the coffee shops, restaurants, and shops.  We were only there 2 and a half days but we could have easily stayed there the whole week! From the roof of our hotel you could look down on the whole city from one side, and the Matterhorn from the other.  The roof became our favorite spot.

On our second day, Dom wanted to ski the Matterhorn! As scared as I was, it turned out to be the most perfect day.  The skiing was intermediate level, so I was just fine.  Even if the skiing were too advanced, I would have just sat on top of the mountain and stared. I've skied mountains before, but never have I been at the complete top of the ALPS and looked around to realize I was eye to eye with the summits of every other mountain around me.  It was unreal and incredible.  It was also hard to breathe, so we took it pretty easy.
Even better was the restaurant at the top! This was not your typical ski lodge restaurant. We were skiing the Italian side that day, and this was a serious Italian restaurant.  The food was incredible, and so were the drinks! It was one of the best meals we had all trip, and the view was second to none.
 We woke up the next morning and had to say goodbye and start our journey to France.  That is, after we stopped and bought enough Swiss chocolate to get us there (and back probably)! It was so sad leaving, but Dom and I are already brainstorming going back for New Year's with both of our families.  There is seriously something for everyone in Zermatt, and we want to share it with everyone we know!

*You can see a recap of our first week in Italy: Rome / Florence / Date with The Pope



  1. The first set of pictures, the one in the middle is my FAVORITE. Where he is picking you up! SO darn cute! :) love it.

  2. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Of course no one complains about a ton of beautiful pictures! And these are indeed beautiful! I am insanely jealous of your trip and vacation. I can only hope that one day I get to take an amazing trip like this! And of course it would be best with my cute boyfriend as well :)

  4. So beautiful! :) Love all your pictures!!!


  5. wow this place is so magical <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  6. A couple days spent in a postcard! Beautiful!

  7. Ahh these photos are so beautiful, I'm so jealous. I'd love to travel like this one day [hopefully soon!].


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