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Delirium and Peeing Statues.

Two more countries to go and I'll finally be done with my recaps! It's already been 2 months and I'm forgetting details, so I have to get everything out quickly.
After getting lucky in Luxembourg, we did the quick drive to Brussels, Belgium!
One word. Ah-mazing.  The hyphen really proves just how amazing it really was.
When we arrived it was cold, with just enough freezing rain to make you want to curl up by a fire.
Considering we were coming from sticky hot Florida, it was actually welcomed! So what did we do right after arriving in this new country?
Went to get burgers at a very authentic Belgian restaurant called Boston, and then took a nap.
Once again, ah-mazing.

We woke up refreshed and ready to search for Belgian chocolate!
Belgian chocolate covered Belgian waffles. If this isn't heaven, I don't know what is. They literally melt in your mouth and dissolve into sugary goodness. {So what if they're not gluten free? I can still have a little fun!} They're 1 euro and a total tourist trap, but we were both very happy to be trapped!

Then we went to explore the Grand Place and find the Manneken Pis!
 The pictures just don't do it justice, it was incredible! All nighttime photo credit goes to Dom, who took them whilst using my head as a tripod. We looked pretty cool. ;)
And then we found it. The Manneken Pis. 
It is a famous Brussels landmark depicting a little boy...well...peeing.
There are lots of legends about why this statue was built, from infant Lords peeing on traitors to a little boy going missing and his father saying to build a statue of him doing whatever he is doing when they find him.  Regarless of what the actual meaning is, it is insanely popular and it was so fun to see in person!

Then came the best part of the day, especially for Dom.
We headed from Grand Place to Delirium Cafe!
{So I just noticed myself in the backgroud. Sexy, can I?}

This is the home of Delirium Tremens for all you beer lovers out there! They have 25 beers on tap, and over 2,000 beers on their menu! They also had tons of ciders for me to try.  We stayed there all night, as Dom needed to try ever single Belgian beer he could.
I had a bowl of cheese cubes for dinner and sipped the most delicious cider ever. 
Yep, you guessed it. Ah-mazing.   

There's only one problem with having a few cubes of cheese for dinner and approximately 8 heavy craft beers.  Getting home.  It only took about twice as long as usual, but we made it.
And Dom? Was so happy to be home he decided to do a little modeling dance for me.

 How did I get so lucky?

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  1. HAHA! This is amazing! I HAVE to ask because I keep forgetting and now this post just reminded me of did you do Europe gluten free?!

  2. I love Belgian Waffles!!! So yummy and craving some right now!! what a great visit!! The peeing boy statue is too funny!!

  3. Chooocolate...yummy...

  4. OK, one - those waffles look seriously amazing. I'm sure I would devour that up in a heartbeat!

    Two - using your head as a tripod is a genius idea, and one I'm sure my boyfriend and I will have to try out for ourselves :)

    Three - Dom is so funny! You're a lucky girl to have a boyfriend who puts on such great shows for you! haha :)

  5. It looks like you had a great time. I love the photos! It is all so pretty!

  6. Those waffles look AMAZING. And I don't usually like waffles.

  7. What great pictures, and looks like the perfect spot for beer lovers! So glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog! :)

  8. You are one very lucky lady indeed because Dom is a cutie patootie!
    And I love the line, "we were happy to be trapped" because sometimes, tourist traps are ok :)


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