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Facts About Me!

I'm 23

Half Puerto Rican, Half  Canadian (aka half hot, and half cold. I like to say I'm just right :)) We don't really associate with my Puerto Rican side (except my spicy latina Grandma Carmen) but I'm very grateful for the tan!
 You can tell which part of me got the Puerto Rican genes.

Obsessed with primates, but not in a weird way... I spent my college Saturdays interning at the Smithsonian teaching them to use computers.

I can mess up any recipe without even trying.

When I sneeze? I sneeze at least 8 times.  Usually 15-17.

My brain is exactly 13 mm too big for my skull

I have a hedgehog. Named Tate.

I'm allergic to gluten, coffee, apples, pears, plums, peaches, carrots, celery, almonds, pecans, green beans, cherry tomatoes, soy milk, pollen, cats, shaving cream, and all detergents except tide. BAM.

I will watch every season of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. No matter how cheesy.

Dom and I are in the background of a Kourtney and Kim Take Miami episode this season.  I'm in a purple dress. Keep your eyes out.

I left my heart in Australia.

I have an uncanny ability to spill on myself in every situation.  I spilled my drink during Dom and my first THREE dates. Yet, I still love to wear white. And he still loves me. Both are very surprising.

The Pope and I are besties. It's true.

I suffer from an extreme case of wanderlust.  I get home and itch to travel to the next place.

However, I have an irrational phobia of airplanes.  I also have to kiss my hand and plant it on the plane as I get on or I will freak out. I'm just a tad superstitious. 

One time on a horrendous blind date to a fraternity semi formal Bennett and I ditched our dates, stole the desserts from the caterer, and locked ourselves in the bathroom and ate them all.

My favorite foods are french toast, cheeseburgers and pizza.  Yes, I know I can't eat any of those things anymore. :(

I graduated college with $35.

 The Presidential Motorcade once drove by me while I was on the curb dressed like a cowgirl.

I don't have any particular talents (except, of course, spilling).

I love windows.

I love lamp. (Sorry, I had to.)

I trained in ballet for 15 years.  I spent my summers in NYC or Vermont for dance.
 When you're the soloist you're also the least dressed.

Miss America 2008 told me I looked like Princess Jasmine when we were 14 (while we were both in Vermont. Dancing out little hearts out. Then, she became Miss America and I didn't. It's fine).



  1. Just found your blog through Whit's link-up. Omg, I totally spill everything on myself & I am obsessed with white clothing. The first time my now boyfriend came to visit me I spilled my drink on my white dress and bc I was a little tipsy from being nervous, I thought I could still wear it out. It's amazing he's still with me. Ha.

    Can't wait to read more!

  2. If my outfit doesn't have something spilled on me, there's something wrong with my day.

  3. I spill things on myself and other people way too often. I, too started counting it as a talent ;)

    & omg -- you totally could pass for Jasmine in a play or something. Gorgeous ;)

  4. Girl - I knew you were allergic to gluten but I didn't know you were allergic to all those other things too!! What do you eat?!

    I will definitely be on the lookout for the two of you in Kourtney & Kim!

  5. You rock that booty womannnn!! ;)

    I had NO idea you were allergic to so many other things besides gluten!! I don't know what I'd eat for lunch every day if I couldn't bring apples, carrots and cherry tomatoes-- seriously!!

    Why don't you wanderlust up to Ohio. I promise there are a FEW things to do here ;)

  6. I'm also scared of airplanes. At least you've eventually gotten on one!

    I laughed at that blind date story! I'm sure you had good reasons for ditching.

  7. I was wearing a white shirt today & drinking coffee. I was SO careful not to spill it-thankfully I didn't. I usually spill everything!!


  8. Just found your blog and I love it! My fave food is also french toast - so delicious! I have to cover it in Powdered Sugar though haha! I've always wanted to go to Australia!! New Follower!

  9. You're way cooler than Miss America and let me tell you why... Miss America would never steal all of the desserts from a caterer and then eat them all.


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