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Hey Y'all, I'm Tate.

Hey, there.
My mom is busy (read: lazy) today, so I decided to take over the blog today.
I've been around this house for about a month, and I'm ready to meet all you invisible people my mama talks about.
I knew my mama was crazy from the day we met.  She looked at me with these crazy googly eyes and talks to me in a baby voice.
I'm like "Dude, I'm a dude." But alas, it never ends.
 photo Tate1_zps6444217b.png

Now my dad is pretty cool.  He picked me up, I pooped on him, and it was love.
Since then, he hasn't wanted to get near me because he was scared I'll somehow give him a hedgie flu before some test thing he's got going on, but I'm not offended.
You see, I have a confession.  I'm scared of something too.
My mom has this huge contraption named Canon and likes to come at me with it while talking in the creepy aforementioned baby voice.
Then it makes this awful "click!" sound that I just now will cause me death.
 photo TateBall_zpsaa65112b.png

 So I do my thing and get into a pokey ball and wait for it to go away. What can I say?
I'm a baller.
Instead, Mama comes at me with some white thing to take her 23486786 million pictures of me a day, which doesn't seem quite as bad.

 photo TateShoulder_zps718bbc94.png

 There are some things I really love too.  My favorite thing is couch snuggles.  I like to curl up on my mama's shoulder and chill.  She pretends she loves it, but I know she's terrified at any moment I'll turn into a baller again and poke her face.  I won't, but she doesn't know that. Muahaha.

 photo TateAlexa_zps4e6e05ef.png

I also love my Auntie Alexa and Mama's cocktails.
They tend to go hand in hand, and I'm not sure what that all means.  I have a cousin Holly too! I think she loves me so much if we met she would just eat me up. Literally. 

 photo tatestuck_zps03db2f0f.png

There's one more thing I really love, and I got it from my dad. Torturing Mama.
Toilet paper rolls are my weapon of choice.  I swear, you haven't lived until you've gotten stuck in one.  I get to act all mysterious and watch my mom freak out that I'm stuck and going to die. So, I randomly stop moving until she panics and then move again. I also like to burrow really deep into my shavings so she can't find me.  Girl, that lady flips out.
It's hilarious.

 photo TateFinal_zps9453e541.png

Well, that's enough about me for today!
I can hear mom wailing over Teen Mom, or Glee, or something equally life shattering.  Gotta go be cute and cuddly so she'll go back to being as close to sane as she gets.
Wish me luck, folks.

We all know she's a nut job.


  1. This is hilarious!!! And Mr. Tate is just precious!

  2. Love Tate!! So freaking adorable! But for real..has he ever poked you? And what happens if he does?

  3. Omg he is just so cute!!! In the uk we dont really have hedgehogs as pets lol. I guess ours are a different kind. he is so cool though!! I love the pic of him in his ball!! lol. this is too cute! cant wait to hear more about him :D

    Jen xxx

  4. MY TATER TOT!!!!! Auntie Alexa loves you soooooooo much! And even if you pokey-ball me, I'll still love you lots and give you cuddles via iPhone and squeal at your pictures.

  5. Holy moly he is seriously just the cutest little dude! And this was a funny post :)

  6. Lmao this is hilarious!!! He is the cutest!

  7. I love that little thing!! Tate is PRECIOUS!!!

  8. What a fun post. I hope we hear more from Tate.

  9. what a cutie!! and I love this post!

  10. Taaaaaate! :) I'm smitten! Robin, you were ALREADY the coolest blogger I know, and then you go and get a hedgie.... I mean, its honestly not fair how awesome you are.

  11. OMG. He is seriously the cutest.

  12. Glad to meet you, Mr. Tate. You are on sparky ball of coolness.

  13. He is seriously ADORABLE!!!!!! :)

  14. YOU ARE LIVING MY DREAM! I am seriously so jealous. I wish that I could have one, but hey - not legal in CA :(

  15. Oh em gee! Tate is adorable I can't stand it! I love his point of view on the world, he is hilarious, can't wait to read more of his posts!!

  16. OMG so cute!!! Love it!!!

  17. I laughed the whole way through this post. I can't believe you have a hedge hog for a pet!! Does he ever poke you? I would be terrified of that!

  18. Oh Em Gee!! How cute is Tate!!! This was funny!! I want one now!!

  19. This is hilarious! Aw I love it! I want a pet hedgehog so badly, wow :)

    Just dropping by from your guest post on Wifessionals- love you blog! (followed)



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