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I'll Take You To The Coffee Shop.

The last stop on our whirlwind European adventure was Amsterdam!
To be honest, I really had no idea what to expect, because all I really associated with Amsterdam was pot, and knew we were staying at the Flying Pig, which is the #1 party hostel in the world.

Well, you know what? Amsterdam is stunning! The whole city is filled with rivers and bridges and just plain gorgeousness.  We didn't get any daylight pictures, since we were only there for all of 12 hours and spent the first 3 indoors, but it is just as gorgeous at night!
It is also filled with bicyclists.
At any one moment your car had 4-5 cyclists riding in front, behind, or beside your car. You literally have to crawl to make sure you don't hit anyone. It's actually pretty frustrating when you're driving, but we quickly dumped the car and set out to explore on foot!
The main thing we had to do was go to the Heineken Factory.  Once again, Dom was in beer heaven.

After the factory we just had to check out an infamous Amsterdam Coffee Shop.
If you're not aware, "coffee shops" are the places in Amsterdam where you can get your goods.
Although I don't partake in this particular activity, we still wanted to say we'd been in one.
No pictures were allowed, but I can promise you it was exactly how I imagined! A bunch of scruffy looking guys, sitting quietly on couches and staring red eyed at one another.
Definitely my kind of place...

We quickly left that college freshman flashback unique display of culture and hopped on a train to an Indonesian restaurant just outside the city.
That might seem random, but before we went to Amsterdam we were told that no matter what, we had to have an Indonesian rijsttafel.
An Indonesian rijsttafel is a huge meal, with up to 40 small courses and is very traditional in Dutch culture.  Ours was just under 20 courses and amazing.
The restaurant was owned by a sweet Indonesian couple that also did the cooking and serving.
After living off of cheese, rice cakes and nutella all week, we were in paradise.

After, we headed back to the Flying Pig and got a few hours of sleep before we got up at 3:30 (when the parties downstairs were just getting started!) and drove to Germany to catch our flight back home!

It was sad to see the most incredible trip come to an end, but in true Robin and Dom fashion, we're already planning the next one!


  1. I've always heard good things about Amsterdam! I can't wait to go one day!

  2. Blogger eurotrip?! Please?!!!

    I cannot believe you had a 20 course meal, how freaking fun is that?!?! Gorgeous pics girl!!

  3. So glad you shared all that- it makes me want to travel- now!

  4. oh I'd love to make it out there one day!

  5. Can't wait to find out what the next one is!

  6. The photo is too cute :) I love it & I love how its filled with pretty bridges & so forth. I am glad you all enjoyed it even if it was not for very long. Maybe someday you will be able to go for longer!

  7. Is that a joke?! 20 course meal?! That sounds like my kind of meal. LOL... looks like a serious blast. I can't wait to go to Europe one day!!

  8. Great post. One of my favourite things about coffee shops is the little coffee shop cakes that they sell. These are often home made and very satisfying!


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