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MCAT. Dancing Nana. Haiti.

Or in other words, my weekend.
After three months of studying literally 9 hours a day, 7 days a week, Dom took the MCAT! He felt a lot better about it this time, and after whipping out a 32 on his last practice exam, he went into it feeling confident.
I think I speak for anyone who has had a loved one take the MCAT that I am SO thankful it is over! I have literally barely seen Dom in the past three months, and now I feel like we're in the honeymoon stage all over again :).  That is, for the 12 hours I had with him before he jetted off to Haiti, but that's for later in the post.

In true Dom fashion, he headed straight from the testing center to our new favorite place downtown, World of Beer.  In the 10 minutes it took Dom's Nana and me to gather our things and get there, he had already chatted up the bartender, been told they are desperate for bartenders, and when we walked in he was already being interviewed for the job by the manger. I mean really?! I searched for two months for a job! I swear, I want to come back as Dom in my next life.
I'm such a creeper.

After a round (or two) there, we headed down Clematis Street to a sushi spot we've been dying to get back to since we went on Halloween night.  It was definitely much calmer in there this least until Nana started on her sake and insisted the decorative flower on our plates were edible. And proceeded to eat a petal (just fyi...they weren't the edible kind haha ;)).
 {Spicy Tuna and a Jalepeno Tuna roll. Nom.}
  I was the only one who didn't have any sake, and while we were driving home and little Calvin Harris came on, and we all realized why Nana was definitely not driving that night...

I die. Seriously.
It was so much fun to have my lighthearted relaxed mancake back, but I didn't get to enjoy it for too long.
At 4:30 am our alarms went off and we headed down to Miami so Dom could catch his flight to Haiti.

He's going with one of his fraternity brothers on a medical mission to help build and run a clinic in Port au Prince.  I keep stressing out since it is not safe and there is a travel warning for Americans going there, but as Dom puts it, "If it was safe there I wouldn't have to go." 
So, I ask for more prayers, thoughts, and vibes for Dom to have a successful, life changing week in Haiti, and get his cute butt back to me on Saturday!
He's going to save the world, and I'll be at home having a heart attack.



  1. What a wonderful thing for Dom to do! And good luck to him on the interview! I'll pray for his safety over there :)

  2. Omg- that video, ha!! Hilarious. She is totally like my grandma... dancing all the time. So funny.

    I hope Dom returns safely and soon!!! That is amazing he's going, but I can imagine its scary! Keep yourself busy while he's gone girlfriend!

  3. Yay for finishing the MCAT! And that sounds like y'all had a super fun night! :) Dom will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers while he's on his mission trip this week. And seriously - what a great guy you have there!

  4. So SO happy for Dom and you both that the MCAT is over!! :) I'll remember him in my prayers too- he'll be safe over there, promise! Doing good work for a lotta' people--- just snapchat and text me to keep yourself busy ;)

    Andddd I love dancing Nana!! AMAZING!

  5. Yay for MCAT being done done and done!! I want to be Nana when I get old. She sounds like a blast!

  6. what a cool experience for Dom! prayers for you and for him to hurry home :) xox

  7. What an amazing man you got yourself Robin! Plus he comes with one cool ass Nana!
    Keep your chin up, he'll be home before you know it x


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