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Men, Moonshine, and Matches

That might sound like the worst combo ever...and I'm here to tell you that it most definitely is.
It is also the best way to describe the way I welcomed 2013!
You see, my best friend from college came from North Carolina, and brought some southern magic.
Aka moonshine.  She then took some and did some other southern goodness and made it into some delicious apple cider moonishiney-ness that I could not only stomach without crying fire, but I actually loved! Plus it wasn't nearly as strong, so lightweight Bino (me) could manage to walk into the bar.

 I did come up for air every once in awhile.
But only to pose for a quick picture...then back at it.  I clearly think I'm still in college.
So, while Bennett and I were stuffing out faces with devil chips and sipping on girlified shine, Dom and Murph escaped to play with fire.

They successfully shot off a bunch of real HUGE fireworks, but when it came time to light the baby sparklers? Bad news bears.
 Why yes, that is a sparkler exploding in Dom's hand.
But don't fret, Dom still went out. Just with an extra special accessory.
 The bartenders were very nice about refilling his bag every place we went.  He even got some free drinks from his injury!
Besides the minor setback, we had a great time bringing in the new year with our best friends!
 {At Daquiri favorite place in Florida!}

Although we did have a great time, we didn't come close to having as good of a time as this guy.
  Maybe next year?

Hope you all had a fabulous night! Just remember, men, moonshine, and matches never mix.
To 2013!


  1. Ohhh my gosh!! Poor Dom!!! That's really kinda funny though! Love the dress, again!! =)

  2. A burnt hand is no good! But it looks like you had a great NYE anyways! Much more exciting than mine - the boyfriend just had foot surgery, so he has to constantly prop his foot up. SO we just had movie rest time and cuddled until the ball drop! :) But you look great, and I'm glad you had such an awesome night!

  3. Oh no poor Dom! I have never had moonshine and want to try it. The fireworks were crazy in our neighborhood! Happy 2013!

  4. love all the pictures and you look fabulous in the dress:)

    new follower:)

  5. Awww. Poor Dom, I'm glad he got to get some free drinks out of it. Always important!

    You look GORGEOUS in your NYE dress!

  6. So funny! And? Your dress is amazing.

  7. Ouch!!! But it looks like you guys had fun anyway!!! You looked awesome!

  8. OUCH to Dom's hand!! Hope it's healing okay! I picked up a hot curling iron once, that was pretty painful....

    You are so darn hott, kinda' unfair to the rest of the blogworld, just so you know ma'am!

    PS- Take me to daiquiri deck!!

  9. I really like your dress!

  10. Oooh No! Sounds a little bit like our NYE over here - the boys decided to tie toliet paper to helium filled balloons, set them on fire and let them fly up into the sky and explode - apartly a hole was in one because my silly boy decided to try to force it up in the sky and it blew up on his hand...yup..silly boys!

  11. girl fran you look finnneeee in that dress! what a fun time!

  12. That dress looks great on you!!
    So jealous of the tan!!

  13. Newest Follower!

    I once had a firecracker pop in my face. I was lighting it for a friend while he was drunk and his response time to throw it was slow. It hurt my face worse than his hand.


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