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My Northern Christmas!

And here you thought the new year would put an end to the Christmas recaps...
Surprise! You get one more. Hold the applause please.

Dom and I headed up to New York for a week to celebrate! To save you all time, I'm going to break it down and then send you off to pretty pictutes.

First, I had dinner with all my girls and it was amazing. Then, we spent Christmas Eve with Dom's family, woke up really early to spend Christmas Day with my family, and then the next day we had our holiday party! I got to hold a baby. It was awesome. My uterus is still quivering.

Not to painful, right?


  1. You are a natural in the baby department ;) SO cute!! Seriously, your man's bow tie is awesome, too!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I wish we would get snow here.

  3. Dom's bowtie is kindof amazing. And I definitely held WAY too many babies over the past couple of weeks. Jared better watch out ;)

    So glad you had an awesome time girl. I hope you're still loving the new design!

  4. i almost had a heart attack when i saw the guy in a bow tie bc he is a dead ringer for one of my friends!

  5. Looks like a relaxing Christmas, and I'm loving that picture of the ornament outside, cozy fire and the winter wonderland! Hope your 2013 has been just as magical so far! :)


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