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Our Real Love Story: Part 2!

See Part 1 here!

Chapter 4: When reality is better than your dreams
We stayed in contact the entire time I was on vacation with my family, even with the 16 hour time difference.  When there was no service to BBM, we would exchange Facebook messages to stay in contact.  How I love modern technology!  Even though I decided I wouldn’t let my guard completely down until he came through on his word and we planned my weekend visit, I knew I was toast.  He was on my mind constantly and I was desperate to see him again face to face to solidify what we had.  My fears about him returning to his old life were invading my happiness and I couldn’t shake them.  I think my parents thought I was just sad to leave the program and jetlagged, but really I was in a constant mental battle with myself.  One minute I’d convince myself he was back with his ex and our trip would just never really happen and it would fade away.  Then, the next minute I would hear from him and know that there was no way someone could talk to me this way and not mean it.  It was the most emotionally draining week of my life.

As he has proven since the first day I met him, Dom stayed true to his word and I went to visit him one week after I got back to America.  Our weekend was perfect, and being back in New York made everything seem more real.  We weren’t just living in an exotic fantasy anymore, it was normal everyday life and we still found each other thrilling. By the end of the weekend he asked me if I was ready to consider myself unavailable to other guys, and if I wanted to try and make this work.  Even though we were both returning to school, him to New York and me to Washington, D.C., there was no hesitation in my yes!

Side note: I knew this meant we were exclusive, but I was still not clear on our boyfriend/girlfriend status.  Thus, for 4 months I referred to him as my Boyperson until he finally cleared it up and I knew we were official. End side note. 

That beautiful sunset in July became the backdrop of the beginning of our long distance relationship.  It was hard being 7 hours away from each other, but we never let that passion die.  After 2 years of long distance we packed up our lives and moved to West Palm beach, Florida together. Our love has rocked me to the core and I know that this is what true love is.  No one has ever known me so thoroughly, inside and out.  We can just look at each other and know what is going on.  We are so much a part of one another that I can’t even fathom what my life was like before him.  He has taught me to love, laugh and live more than I ever thought possible.  He is truly the man of my dreams and I am so happy I found him, even if I had to go around the world to get him! 



  1. beautiful!!

    Bea =)

  2. So adorable! You guys are troopers for making long distance work because there are so many people that can't. Proves that you guys really care for each other and want it to work. =)

  3. Gahhh, you guys are rockstars for being long distance so long. I LOVE seeing how happy you are girlfriend, nothing warms my heart more ;)

  4. Holy cow I can't even *begin* to imagine being sooo long-distance for soo long! Good for y'all girl! You made it through and now you live together, and you're just so dang cute!!! :)

  5. Love it :) Its so very precious sweet girl! I am so happy for you both that you found each other. Its nice to know that the other person is the one whom completes you always without a shadow of a doubt~

  6. You two so cute together!! I cannot imagine the long distance!! You two look very happy together :)

  7. You two are so cute together. I'm so happy you have someone who treats you good. I was looking back on some of your posts and I saw you were talking about one of your ex's and how horrible the relationship was. I can completely relate. Dated a guy for almost SIX years. It was always up & down, with more downs. His family hated me because they said I "had money" and they didn't like that. He lied all of the time about where he was at and what he was doing. Cheated. I kept taking the idiot back! Looking back now I see I was so stupid. BUT...everything happens for a reason...and if I wouldn't have stuck it out with the ex so long...I would not have met my wonderful, amazing boyfriend I have now. I probably would've dated other people if me and my ex had broken up much sooner. But when me & my ex finally ended it, I got on two days later I met the guy of my dreams and we have been together ever since!!



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