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The Post Where I Awkwardly Spill My Heart Out

I'm going to come out and say it. Making friends is hard. Making friends sucks.  It's a bazillion times harder to make girl friends.  For girls it's always a competition.  When Bennett was visiting, we went to a really cute bar with a bunch of girls our age.  We joked that they were absolutely the type of girls we would have been friends with in college, but now? We guessed when they caught us staring at them they figured we were taking about them and judging them.  When I see girls staring at me I always think they must be judging me. How sad is that?  Sad...but true.

That's why I'm so thankful for this blog world and all the ladies I've met through it.  We do what women should do.  When I come across a blog of someone amazing that I admire and could only wish to know in person, I follow, comment, and boom! A friendship is born. Sure, there's negativity, just like anywhere, but there's a lot more love.  We get inspiration from each other, we build each other up, we congratulate each other.

This blog world has given me so much happiness since I moved down here four months ago, without any friends.  Sure, now I have work friends, but they're just that. Work friends.  I feel the same sense of, are they really my friends or friends just because we have breaks at the same time? After having such wonderful best friends in high school, and amazing sorority sisters in college, this feeling is so foreign to me.  So, without getting too mushy, I can't tell you all how thankful I am to be a part of such a wonderful community of women.  I love each and every one of you for reading, and for writing inspiring posts I look forward to reading every single day.

Without you all I really would be a lonely cat lady.  At the age of 23.  And that would be really sad.



  1. Ah I feel the same way when it comes to making friends with girls! I wish we could be more like dudes- seems so much simpler! great post :)



  2. Girl, I feel you! SUCH a #postgradproblem!! But you are right, connecting and making friends here is the best!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this post! It is SO true how girls act in public. I think we are all guilty of it and it is just plain sad and terrible. I wish people were like the blogging world in real life!

  4. you are adorable! i just found your blog and love it... glad you've found the blogging community to connect with :)


  5. I totally sympathize with you, girl! :( If you figure it out, let me know! Haha.

    xo Christina

  6. gahh! Girlfriends are the hardest friends to make!!
    I still can't believe I have lived in KS for almost a year and a half and have zero girlfriends!
    How does anyone make any friends???
    And why do bloggers live so far apart from each other???
    And I love that picture. And Robert Downey Jr. hahaha

  7. New follower! (You can thank Erin!!)
    I totally agree! Girls are mean. And they don't like adding to their already formed "cliques" I'm 25 and the older you get, the harder it is to make friends! I LOVE the girls I have met through my little blog! I just wished we all lived in the same city!! Haha!


  8. I totally know what you mean! After college, most of my friends moved away & I stayed in the same place...leaving me with not many friends. And girl, it is had to make friends when you're not in school anymore! Such an awkward stage of life! But at least you have people you get along with at work =)

    1. Oh & I totally agree that I love blog friends! Interacting through social media has made me a lot less lonely!

  9. join the group of moving away from every one you knew and now how awkward and hard it is to make friends!! I've been trying to make friends for 2 years now since i've moved. I wrote about the frustrations once on my blog...
    But yes, its so hard to find the right fit too! Oh, and when I thought I found some "friends" they were using me. SO FUN! ha!
    But yes, I totally understand. We can totally be blog friends though :-)

  10. aw I'm glad for the friendship so have made's so weird to make a friend like this. I was never into AOL IM or making friends via MySpace or anything like that but this is pretty cool to be able to get to know someone through their written voice :) I wonder about work friends too, but I do have some work friends that have truly become great life friends.

  11. Same here. The people I have on blogs are the types of people I wish I could have found in real life during high school and college.

  12. I completely agree....Blogging has become my little escape from the world. Not only do I love being able to escape and write about how I am feeling or what I did that day...but I love that fact that I get to come to such positivity and love in the bloggyland. I have made some awesome friends by blogging, even though they live across the country from me, It's so refreshing to know that someone out there isn't judging me - I wish I had friends like this in real life. It's so hard to come by.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  13. Seriously. People tell you that life after college will be hard. But no one ever told me that making friends would be one of the hardest parts. It seriously sucks sometimes! I graduated 2.5 years ago, and I still have no where near the amount of friends once I moved, as I did back in college. I definitely do love making blog friends though!!

  14. making friends after college is so hard. happy that the blogging community is helping!


  15. Seriously making friends is SO hard. I love that the blog world is so friendly and that even if you have little in common with someone it's so easy follow along! Thank you for this post :)

  16. All of my friends I've met since moving to France (and I mean MINE, not people I've met through my husband) have been people I've met through blogging. Without blogging, I would be one very lonely girl.

  17. Hey Robin!
    I completely agree with you. I have one close friend other than family & boyfriend. Sad, right? I just haven't really found anyone who I really connect with. I am not the person who goes to parties..I would much rather stay home, read a book, & be martha stewart-like. Sadly there are no other 23 year olds around here that love to crochet, read books, stay home, and loves cats. Okay, now you probably think I'm some old grandma! lol. I do have one best friend who is also my cousin & she's only four months older than me. But she is usually an hour & thirty minutes away with her very clingy(and not to be mean..but girly-like) boyfriend. So getting actual girl time with her is not as often as it use to be!

  18. This is so true, us girls can really be bitches cant we lol. At least you have us online buddies who probably know more about what your up to than your real world friends. I tend to pour my heart out more on my blog than to my friends as I just dont see them often enough when I need to vent!


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