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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Read My Blog

I am so excited to see so many new beauties around this blog in the last week.
New followers? That's good.
But new readers/friends? That's what really matters!

Since I am such a good friend, I always look out for my readers, and strive to be honest.
So, in the spirit of transparency, I have some warnings for you.

1. You should not read my blog if you are normal.
I am not normal.  At all.
I am spastic, semi awkward, and I always manage to spill things.
I forget to answer texts, I cannot park a car to save my life, and I have a talent of always saying the wrong thing.
But, I like to laugh and love and live life.
There are plenty of strange, awesome, random things happen in this little corner of the interwebs.
Normal things? Not so much.

2.  You should not read my blog if you are offended by a good cocktail or five.
A good cocktail is listed right below family and friends in what makes my little heart go pitter patter.
Sometimes I'll even share my delicious adult findings with you.
Considering the majority of my good posts are written after participating in this adult activity, I require the love of a good cocktail in all my readers. I obviously still love you if you don't drink.  Just not as much. KIDDING.

 3. You should not read my blog if you dislike good looking men.
You're going to see a lot of this hunk of man meat on this blog, so if sexy men don't make you happy you're crazy you might not like it here very much.
Plus, I have a feeling he's going to be around for awhile...even if he does try to kill me on a regular basis.

4. You should not read my blog if you don't like adventure.
Our usual weeks consist of work all day, me attempting and failing to make a yummy dinner, and eventually wine and snuggles on the couch.
But every chance we get, we say yes to an adventure.
Whether it be traveling around the world, a last minute hotel bid turned favorite weekend getaway, or a snazzy dinner turned Kim Kardashian sighting, we're always looking for a way to suck a little more out of life. You better be ready to come along with us!

5. You should not read my blog if you do not like sunshine.
No explanation needed.

If all of the above are okay with you, I know you will love it here! I am so excited to have you, and can't wait to get to know all your pretty selves! Please leave a comment, shoot me a tweet or email so I can get to know you all :)

Welcome to The Sunshine Diary!



  1. I'm a new follower! And, I think you're my new favorite blog.


  2. I've been reading you for awhile now and just started to remember to comment! It's so fun to read about your adventures!! I'm from about 30 minutes outside of where you went to school so it was fun to see posts about your college days of places I recognized!

  3. I have been reading your blog for awhile. I love your adventures.

  4. So funny! I might need to copy this idea and use it in the future! Ps. I like to drink about 5 cocktails while looking at tan hunky men :)

  5. YOU HAD ME AT HELLO! Now, let's see more photos of the little spiky baby!

  6. Great post! I can think of the right thing to say...hours or years later, that is!

  7. Your my new normal gurl! Love this post and your presh blog! So glad I found your blog on livinginyellow.

  8. Im not really a brand new follower but I think Ive been commenting a little more. Your posts crack me up and Im interested in hearing more about tate! My name is Sonya and I like all the things above. I used to looove me a great cocktail or 12 although since becoming a mama I've had to let them go a bit. Just a bit this mama can still enjoy them (sooometimes!)
    Ill be around for awhile as well!
    a gray rainbow

  9. Whew! Glad I'm not normal! Who the heck wants normal!
    And I love reading about your adventures, I feel like I get to live vicariously through you! I'd love to travel, but just don't get to. One day!
    I'm glad I'm a reader/friend of your blog. :)
    Oh & Kim K?! Khloe is my girl, my favorite, for sho, but that is still awesome!
    Gonna be watching for the episode of her & Jon at Nobu now to see if they show paps & fans outside! :p

  10. Love this post. So cute!

  11. Hahaha, this was a really funny and cute post :) And let's be real here - who doesn't like sexy men? Whether it's my own or someone else's, I'm never mad about looking at a picture of a handsome man!

  12. #1 is totally me too! Love your blog!

  13. This is such a cute post! I always think I am much funnier after a couple adult beverages lol Who wouldn't want to read your blog??

  14. Haha I think you're my new favorite person!! I LOVE all things cocktails, adventurous, and anything to do with hot pieces of man! So basically I'm sticking around ;)

  15. Started following this weekend, but I think those are perfect reasons why anyone SHOULD read your blog. Well, at least, they would be interesting to me.

    I am currently jealous of the sunshine though. My 3ft of snow, fog, and cold temps are no fun.

  16. you sound like a girl after my own heart. Australia is my dream i can't wait to go and explore it :)

  17. HAHA You are so adorable it kills me. :) New Readers/Friends are always nice -- I'm assuming. I don't know what that's like over on my lame boring blog LOL But You - You always have something that makes me laugh. Gotta love your never dull moments.

    Happy Mid-Week!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  18. You had a good timing with this post -I started reading your blog a while ago, but I always find it kinda hard to leave the first comment. So hello!

  19. This PERFECT!!!!

    I love how honest you are! hard to find now a days!! I am glad I found your blog!

    Also following you now on twitter (@carijor)

  20. Saw your link up on Wifessionals and stopped by and now can't stop reading your blog! Love it! I am new to blogging, but have been following a few lovely ladies lately, and working on my blog. It is definitely a work in progress. If you are so inclined, my blog is


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