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A Week Of Accidental Drunkenness.

Emphasis on the accidental. Really.
It started on Tuesday when I took Dom on his Valentine's Day date.
I mentioned yesterday that I took him for drinks at our favorite spot and then to see his all time favorite movie on IMAX.
Can you believe our movie tickets didn't say Top Gun anywhere? Don't they know I need a picture for the blog? I guess you'll have to do with a weird dark picture of my feet at the theater. I'm so creative.

The movie was so good, Dom loved it for the actual movie, and I didn't mind seeing a young, still sane Tom Cruise larger than life. Oh, and my Miami Vice? Definitely did its job ;).

On Wednesday night there was no food in the house,  so we went to a seafood restaurant Dom's nana has been talking about.

I love finding new restaurants that are not only delicious, but also have such a fun vibe!
This place definitely had both and we will absolutely be back.

Hellooooo ahi tuna!

The part that really made the night standout? The cocktails.
I got a "Bimini Twist," the namesake of the restaurant, which was Southern Comfort, banana something, orange liquor, pineapple, some kind of schnapps and other happiness. 

What I was not expecting was the feeling I got when standing up from the bar to head to our table.
I was drunk.  On a Wednesday. And not like "Weee I'm tipsy!" 
I'm talking cut me off go to bed drunk.

I have always been a lightweight, but I have never had that happen from just one before. Strong doesn't even begin to cover it.
And then we got to the table and Nana got us another round.
Poor Dom, he had two hammered women on his hand.  

I think he was enjoying it until we were talking about Tate and Nana said...
"Can't you find something else in this house to crawl all over you?!"
I think hearing such a sentance come out of your grandmother is something one never recovers from!

Alas, last night, there was more accidental drunkenness. Okay, so last night's wasn't exactly accidental...but we can pretend.
Dom and I were supposed to go to an outdoor Italian restaurant with fabulous gluten-free pasta for dinner, but West Palm decided to have record breaking rain fall.
It literally downpoured. All day long.  So I decided to postpone it to tonight.
Our Valentine's Day quickly became this...
I'm not complaining!
Well all know when there's a bottle of does not remain empty for long
Aka...another night of not so accidental drunkness.

Then, while I was watching How I Met Your Mother, I smelled something.  Something strawberry.  Something...chocolate!
I went into the kitchen and saw it with my own eyes...
Dom made homemade chocolate strawberry lava cakes!  In my little cupcake maker, no less.
They were delicious!

I can only imagine what is coming tomorrow, when it's the weekend, and you know...socially acceptable. 




  1. Accidental drunks are always my favorite, and the most fun ;)

  2. I just saw Top Gun for the first time - it was on my 30 before 30 list since everyone said it was the BEST movie ever and my husband LOVES it. We did the 3D as well and all I kept noticing was that Tom Cruise has one nostril bigger than the other and I found myself wishing it was Rob Lowe circa 1986 instead of Tom Cruise. Good soundtrack though and I loved Meg Ryan :) Happy Friday!

  3. I've never seen Top Gun! But seeing a more sane Tom Cruise would be entertaining so I may have to! Accidental drunkenness is always fun :P And that lava cake looks delicious!!!!

  4. Accidental drunkeness can probably describe my life. Whoops.

  5. this was hilarious!!
    I dont really like alcohol at all so I have never been drunk, but I tried a spumanti wine on NYE and not even a full glass of it i was so dizzy and paranoid lol I had to guzzle water and sleep on the bed for an hour. I did not enjoy it so i guess ill never be drunk ;-)
    That cake looks so yummy! We had gluten/dairy/egg free frozen pizza last night and it was actually good! yay for celebrating vday at home :-)

  6. omg accidental drunkness, can we be friends!? and omg I have never seen Top Gun and my husband makes fun od me for it alll the time. And just one and done? awesome.

  7. HAHAHA! You get me everytime, I always laugh. I Love this, and I totally understand getting "accidentally drunk" LOL :)

    -Ashlee Michelle

  8. I saw Top Gun last weekend! It was the first time I'd ever seen it. I was in heaven..just when I thought I was tired of staring at Tom Cruise, I would drool over how cute Val Kilmer was.. By the end of the movie, I was like, "Charlie, your crazy hair and eyebrows aren't THAT bad"... But Lord, they were.

    But the movie was great! :)

  9. I wanna hang out with Nana too! She sounds like a hoot.

  10. Accidental drunkeness is always fun! ;)I'm a lightweight too.
    Did you like the Moscato? It's so good. I tried commenting on your InstaG yesterday but I don't think it went through. I wanna try the Riesling!

  11. You crack me up! It's always accidental for me hahaha! I love Top Gun! :)


  12. I am totally drooling over the ahi tuna and the lava cake!!! Yummy!! Is it accidental drunkness if you're purposely tryin to drink the whole bottle? hahaha

  13. The food looks delish! Accidental boozing happens all the time :)!

    Found your blog on Instagram!


  14. Thats almost a normal week in my house ;) haha

  15. Sounds like a fun week, actually!

    ;-) Brooke

  16. Ummm I love you lol I have a feeling we'd be troubleeeee together

  17. That drink sounds crazy, and dangerous, and like a really good time in a cup!


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