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I Love The South

I know this isn't a surprise for any of you, but I haven't talked about my yearning for the land of pickup trucks and sweet tea in a while.
And don't burst my bubble by telling me not everyone drives a pickup truck. Just let me live in my dreamland, ok?

Well, truth is, I'm a wannabe southerner.
And you best believe I'm wearing pearls every day!
It was my love of the South that first connected me with the lovely lady you're about to meet!
Cortne is brand spankin' new to blogging, and she is a true blue southern belle!
It was pretty much the highlight of my life to read her post on being a true southern belle and knowing I folowed almost all the rules!
Except the whole living in the South thing...but I'm working on that one. ;)

Anyways, I knew I had to share her with you all!
The blogging world was so welcoming to me when I was first starting out, so go show some blogger southern hospitality and meet this great new friend!

Hey Ya'll!  
This vibrant, cutie patootie Robin is allowing me to introduce myself on her blog today.
How awesome is she!
So here goes... 
 My name is Cortne, with no u or y.
 I want to welcome you to my 'lil blogging world over at
Come on in... pull up a chair, relax, and kick your heels up (or in my case boots).
As we say in the South, everything in life comes through a story.
So, we will gab about adventures in travel,
the occasional (but not always successful) DIY,
crafts with the munchkins,
a recipe to share in a pinch,
and a mindful moment or two that just might bring a smile to your face or a tug to your soul.
Hope you stop by for some chit-chat!

What are you waiting for? Head on over here!


  1. Oh how I love the South. It makes me happy every single day :)

    And maybe you weren't born here, but you got here as fast as you could, right?

  2. I hate to break it to you lovely lady, but Florida isn't really the "South"...especially South Florida lol...

    But at least you are within driving distance of the real South and can still get your hands on delicious BBQ and sweet jeal...

  3. This NC girl LOVES living in the south! I wouldn't have it any other way. Lily and pearls are my favorites ;) along with my sweet tea of course!

  4. I will check out her blog.
    The South gets a bad reputation sometimes, but I don't think that any other place on Earth is 100% perfect. I wouldn't live anywhere else.

  5. I love the south! Even tho, I have always been a Northerner, I think I was meant to live in the south. I am still trying to convince my husband to move to Alabama near my sister!

    Excited to check out Cortne`s blog!

  6. so cute! can't wait to check her out!

  7. My dad lives in Georgia but only spending summers down there didn't turn me into a southern belle as much as I wanted! It sounds like you should take a road trip to Charleston - I've heard it's amazing!

  8. I looove the south & being southern!
    Gonna go check out her blog.

  9. I too am a southern girl at heart. Unfortunately, I was born, raised and still live in CA. At least where I live is "country," but I daydream constantly about swinging on a porch swing on my covered wrap around patio, sipping sweet tea, listening to a favorite tune while watching fireflies. One day, one day!

  10. Hey Robin, Thank you so much for the opportunity to get my blog out there. Being a Southern Belle is more about the attitude, rather than location. So you got it covered girl! Rock those pearls and boots :)

  11. Live in the south & have all of my life! Love it!!!

  12. ever since the cliche that is Gone with The Wind, I too have wanted to be a Southern Belle. For some strange reason, my small-barely there Spanish accent that sometimes creeps in will actually sound like a southern accent...or so I have been told over the years by students and friends.

  13. New follower here! I love the south and so proud that I'm a Southern belle! We accept you! haha


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