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My Beef With LASIK

Last July I wrote the rundown of my LASIK eye surgery.
I absolutely love it, and at my six month follow up I found out my vision is 20:15!
After years of total blindeness, this is amazing.

But LASIK and I have one major beef.
You see, needing to wear glasses had one huge benefit (besides the whole, helping me see thing).
They covered up my scary black hole dark circles under my eyes.
If I woke up late and didn't have time to put on makeup? I just threw on my glasses and went all sexy librarian for the day.
But after LASIK? I was S.O.L.

Due to this life shattering dilemma, I was overjoyed when Firmoo offered to send me some glasses to review.
Even though I no longer need prescription glasses, nonprescription glasses have become a great fashion accessory, a life saver when I don't have time for makeup, or when I just want to chenge it up for the day.

 photo FirmooMe_zps3546827f.png
I got the rectangle frame brown glasses and love them.  They are so cute up close, and I like them both on my face and on my head.
Am I the only person who also judges glasses/sunglasses by how they look when I have them up on my head? Okay, cool.

You can find every kind of style, color and frame shape with Firmoo.
The best part? Firmoo has a first pair free program where you can try out a pair and only pay for shipping! It's a great way to try out if the glasses are right for you without worrying about wasting your money.
You can even upload a picture of yourself and "try the glasses on" so you don't even need to worry about not loving them!

And since I'm awkward like that, here are some outtakes.
I am so photogenic.
 Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Love those last pictures ;) I am SO jealous that you got Lasik. I was actually talking to Erin about this the other day - I WANT it so bad. Cannot wait. I am basically blind :(

  2. I use to beggggg my mom for glasses when I was little! I don't know what my obsession was for wanting them! This is so awesome you get a free first pair - I just placed my order :))))) My childhood dream coming true haha. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. They look great! I want the eye surgery someday, but I would probably be too nervous. It would be nice to not thinking about ordering contact lenses, though.

  4. I would kind of love lasik, but I'm way to scared to ever say yes to it!! The though of it freaks me out!

  5. Girl you are so funny. Glad you included your outtake pictures too! :) I also got me some Firmoo glasses to review, but I've been to chicken to wear them to work or anything yet! I did to Publix one day, and around the house, and my fam and BF think I look cute in them. I just need to bite the bullet and go for it, and wear them out and about one day!

  6. I often have the lenses on my frames updated to go with my newest prescription. Just changing the lenses isn’t all that expensive. It’s funny because I really don’t think

    that much about comfort with my frames. It’s never occurred to me but of course it’s important. Glad you liked the post!

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