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Sorry, I'm Not Sorry...

Sorry, I'm not sorry I use "sorry, I'm not sorry" in casual conversation. It's the sorority girl in me.

Sorry, I'm not sorry that I will not chit chat with anyone while eating breakfast. I am still half asleep and will zone out on my computer no matter how hard you try and speak with me.

Sorry, I'm not sorry that I like to display the outtakes. It makes life more fun :)

Sorry, I'm not sorry that I will kick you out of the house if you speak during a Rose Ceremony. Priorities, people.

Sorry, I'm not sorry that the original Wagon Wheel will be the only one I listen to, as much as I like Darius Rucker in general.

Sorry, I'm not sorry that I'm completely in love with Hunter Hayes. #jailbait

Sorry, I'm not sorry I like to sneak a feel every once in awhile.

Sorry, I'm not sorry that my idea of camping is drinking in beach chairs. On the beach. Until it's cold and then I go home.

Sorry, I'm not sorry I like my blog friends more than the majority of people I know in "real life."

Sorry, I'm not sorry I get sad whenever I say goodbye to Dom for even an overnight. Call me a sap.

Sorry, I'm not sorry that double fisting is really the only way to go for me.

Sorry, I'm not sorry I will always run back to bed if I get up in the middle of the night. Can't let the murderers catch me. Duh.

We can't be friends if you don't love Kate Middleton.  Sorry, I'm NOT sorry.

Sorry, I'm not sorry that I never say no to a gluten free pizza.

Sorry, I'm not sorry I will never stop wanting to be a Disney Princess.

Sorry, I'm not sorry I call Dom "Daddy" when talking to Tate.

When you drive slowly, I will tailgate you. Sorry, officer...I'm not sorry.



  1. Haaaa!
    I wouldn't be sorry about being a sap, either. I am too!

  2. Wagon Wheel! YES! I heard that on the radio the other day & I was like "" So conflicting because I love Darius but Not that song.

  3. I know what you mean about blog friends. :)

  4. Fun post! and Darius should've known better than to remake that classic, for serious...

  5. I am going to see Hunter and Carrie Underwood in less than a month!! I'm so excited! I run back to bed if I get up in the middle of the night and I love love love Kate Middleton too. Commoner to real life princess...amazing dresses...what's not to love?!

  6. Andddd this is why we would be real life best friends...

  7. hahaha I love it! I always run back to bed too! Obviously the murder didn't know I was here because I'm stealthy even in my sleep!

  8. I read through you list and out loud said yes to every single thing. I'll meet you in Florida for a camp out - why do people camp the "real" anyways?

  9. I run back to my bed too! I don't care how old I am-I am still leaking into my bed so no one underneath it can like cut my ankles [weird?] I even look under my bed at my defense my bed is high enough that a short 1 year old could stand under it. Which means that some creepy killer could definitely hide there!

    XO, Kelsey

  10. Seriously nodded my head "yes" to all of these! I heard the Darius version on the radio the other day and it just was not the same! Thank you so much for linking up !!

  11. Hahaha I agree with the camping...tents, what? Not for me. And yea whats up with Wagon Wheel?!

  12. I pause the TV every.single.time. the hubs starts to talk during the rose ceremony. Geeez, he doesn't get it! I also agree with running from the imaginary murderer in the middle of the night, and tailgating. Move yo bass outta the fast lane, people!

  13. Haha- I feel like i have a lot of thoughts on this one ;)

    First off, sorry I hate the phrase sorry I'm not sorry. Just had to get that out of the wayyy.

    Outtakes are the best, especially when you're coppin feels! haha- busted!

    What Disney princess are you? Pretty sure I have the option of Belle and/or Snow White, due to the albino skin and darrrrkkk hair.

    Let's go meet K-Middleton deal?!

  14. All I could do was nod my head yes to all of the above and I am always happy to hear I am not the only one being chased by murderers when grabbing a glass of water. Thankfully I am so fast, that they still haven't got me :)

  15. My coworkers know not to talk to me before 10am!
    100% with you on the 'camping' abd running back to bed in the middle of the night.

  16. If wanting to be a Disney princess is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  17. Found your blog via the link up! OMG you are fabulous!!!

    I love outtake photos! Hilarious!

    My bloggy friends are way cooler than my real life friends.

    Double fisting it is ALWAYS the way to go! :)

  18. I love it...I wont even get up in the middle of the night because of the scary intruders in our house! :) And I am a total dork when I spend just one night away from husband. More than a night...forget it - I am a basketcase!

    Classy with a Kick

  19. Oh this was full of so much goodness! Here are the ones I completely agree with you on: Hunter Hayes (duh), sneaking a feel, "camping", double fisting, murderers at night, Disney & tailgating. We seem very similar based on this list lady :)

  20. Amen to the Rose Ceremony - that time is sacred!

    Also....I LOVE Hunter Hayes...going to see him and my BFF Carrie on Sunday :)

  21. YES on the Wagon Wheel thing!!! I thought I was the only one....and I love Darius Rucker, but it's just not the same. Also gluten-free pizza is never something to apologize for! :)

  22. Argh! Can you get any better. Loved this blog! FYI, I have better numbers bc of you. My heart :) You need to up your change gurl. Just sayin. ;)

  23. I love this an lets be real, there will never be another wagon wheel as good as OCMS :)


  24. DEfinitely agree with the rose ceremony one and the disney princess one. Haha!

    The Hartungs Blog

  25. I so agree to the rose ceremony and running back to bed in the middle of the night. LOL! You and I would get along SO well!!

  26. My husband laughs at me when I run back to the bed after getting up during the middle of the night. He won't be laughing with the murderers/zombies/ ghosts come.

  27. Love this list! I found you through Love, Fun, and Football, and am now following! Cant wait to get to know you!

  28. Love it! And love your idea of camping... that is the best way to "camp"

  29. YES. We totally do the "mommy & daddy" thing to our pets too! haha. Love it :)


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