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The Best Night Of My Life

I'm not engaged, married, or a mama, so I can say that without getting in trouble.
Last Saturday, something magical happened.
I picked Dom and Dan (his fraternity brother who he went with to Haiti) up in Miami and all nonchalantly Dom asks, "How about we go to The Breakers tonight."
On the floor.
But it gets better.

He followed this with, "Dan's sister is the executive pastry chef and can give us a tour."
Comes back to life. 
Dead on the floor again.

Let me give you a little background on why this is such a big deal for me.
Not only is The Breakers a historic luxury in hotel in Palm Beach where the richest of the rich frolic (because rich people don't "hang out," they frolic), it is also the birth place of the Lilly Pulitzer brand... aka my love, my life, and my closet.  Aka everything beautiful, bright, preppy and happy.
I needed to go see where she had her infamous juice stand!

I've been dying to go there since we moved down here, but I had no one to go with, since there are about a million things Dom would rather do than go with me to "stand where Lilly and Jackie Kennedy stood!"
I kind of gave up hope of going until I had some people visiting in the summer, so this was the best surprise ever!
The only issue was deciding which Lilly dress to wear, but I sucked it up and chose one that has been patiently hanging in my closet with its tags on.
It was truly like walking into Disneyland for me.  Or Tiffany's for Audrey Hepburn.
You just get the feeling nothing bad could ever happen at The Breakers.
I didn't even mind valet parking my little Hyundai Sonata between two Bentleys.  Although I was so happy I had cleaned my car out earlier than day!

Dan's sister showed us around and took us to some of the most stunning ballrooms I have ever seen, and we got to see where they were taking down the setup from an outdoor wedding from earlier in the day.  We even got to see the bride! 
It's truly amazing I didn't pass out.
 While Dan's sister was finishing up her shift we headed to the seafood bar.
The bar? It's a fish tank.  With actual fish.  This is not real life.
I had a jalepeno margarita that was actually so hot it hurt, but I washed it down with a fantastic life was still perfect. :)

I also managed to take the strangest picture ever.
Our table was facing the water, and I really wanted a picture of the passing cruise ship.  
Instead, this happened.
  At least I got the cruise ship!

After a whole ton of kicking, screaming, and one large temper tantrum (totally kidding. Honestly...) we eventually had to end the best night of my life.
Now I can't wait to go back!



  1. No but seriously, this is amazing and beautiful and jealousy-inducing to the max.

  2. Too. many. beautiful. things!!! Including you ma'am! & that dress? I die! I love Lilly Pulitzer's line!

    Looks like a beautiful time ;)

  3. You are stunning :) I LOVE that pic of you guys, might be my new fave!!

    And how did I not know you drive a Hyundai?! BFFs!!! I love my lil Elantra :)

  4. OH MY GOSH! So much Jealousy right now - what an amazing night!!

  5. ummm this looks awesome!!! and you look super pretty in that Lilly dress.

  6. Oh, how fun!! You look gorgeous!

  7. So lucky! From the pictures, I can tell it was gorgeous! You look beautiful as well-the dress is so pretty!

    XO, Kelsey

  8. That place looks absolutely beautiful!! And that's great you got to wear your brand new Lilly dress :) Glad you had such a great surprise and an amazing weekend!

  9. How freaking AWESOME! I would have died! I'm just like you! I love all things fancy and ritzy! AHHHH! SWOON! :) So jealous!

    Another side note- I'm so incredibly jealous of your fabulous {I'm assuming natural FL sun tan!} I would kill to live somewhere warm all year round!

    Beautiful as always! Glad you had a great time!


  10. We're heading to West Palm Beach for a bachelorette part in March and going here! I'm a big fan of Lilly and cannot WAIT to visit the Breakers!

  11. You look Gorg! (You too, Dom) and sounds like you had a blast!

  12. Gimme your blue dress now! And your weekend experience! Please please!


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