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The Meanest Thing Dom Has Ever Done To Me

This was supposed to be a fun recap post of my belated Valentine's Day.
After dating Dom this long, I should have known better.
The upside is he didn't try to kill me on this date.
He did, however, kill my soul.

I think we need to start at the very beginning.
West Palm Beach had some record breaking rainfall on Thursday and Friday, so we postponed our Valentine's Day dinner until Saturday night.

Besides the cold, it was an absolutely gorgeous night.
We went out to our usual City Place, and started with Happy Hour at Mojito.
Think fun, colorful drinks in mason jars. I was a happy camper.
After Cocktail Number 1 we walked over to the restaurant for dinner.

Gluten Free pasta, fresh air, live music.

And Cocktail Number 2! Sounds like the makings for a perfect night, right?

Hold on, I need to go get some wine before I continue.  
Okay, I'm ready now.

So, I was enjoying my delicious meal when Dom asked, "Do you want to try a tortellini?" 
This is when I should have seen something coming.  Dom never likes it when I "cheat" and take a bite of something with gluten, so offering it to me should have been a red flag.
I blame this all on Cocktail 2.
As much as I yearn for tortellinis, I've been trying to be good about cheating, so I said I'd have half of one.
I did. It was delicious. Dom asked how I liked it.
I told him it was delicious, but I didn't get much of whatever the filling was.
And then...The Grin. The one Dom does when he's up to something.

He didn't even have to tell me.  I knew from his face he had just tricked me into eating veal.

I don't eat babies of any form. I refuse to eat cute precious animals and somehow wasn't paying attention when Dom was ordering his food.  I blame that one on Cocktail 1.

For the rest of the evening Dom kept telling me how cute the cow was and that it probably had a name and little baby cow friends.

And then I dumped him.

The End.



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Oh my gosh I did not actually dump him!!! Just a joke, as meanas it was it was all in good fun. Torturing me is what he does best! ;)

  2. Totally could see my husband doing that!

    EVIL men! just remember payback is a B ;)

  3. I don't think guys ever get sick of teasing girls no matter what age! My boyfriend once tricked me into taking a heaping amount of wasabi and I almost passed out. He almost passed out from laughter!

  4. Oooh I would be so annoyed, guys never let things like that go either!

  5. LOL omg!!! Dom!! That is so not nice! Totally sounds like something Caleb would do, haha. Those cocktails sound nice! ;)

  6. Him and my hubby would probably get along wonderfully... Zach loves to mess with me

  7. Found your blog from Kaitlyn @ Wifessionals and now I'm an official follower. This post was hilarious, and besides consuming Bambi, it sounds like a great evening ha.


  8. Totally something my boyfriend would do to me! He tricked me into eating crab one time & I was so mad!

  9. Nooooooooo, that's terrible!!! Hopefully Glenn knows better than to ever trick me into eating any red meat, because the next thing he'd see is his no-no bits in the garbage disposall.

    On the upside, at least he bought you delicious drinks first! And he better for eternity, to make up for that little stunt...

  10. Boys. They are so immature haha. I refuse to eat lamb for the same reason.. I just can't get little babies out of my head!

  11. that totally sounds like something Robbie would

    on the upside - I'm not sure if I've just been completely oblivious but I didn't realize you didn't eat gluten. I've just started gluten-free since January! I'm kind of obsessed with it and finding new alternatives - I'd love to chat about it! :)

  12. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love a good Dom story...

    I was just watching a special on TV about how cows are some of the only mammals that enjoy companionship like people do. As in...COWS HAVE FRIENDS AND FEELINGS. Be sure to tell Dom I said so. XO

  13. That's a boy for you! I know, I'm raising one. They love to get their mom's and sister's too. When we were teenagers, my brother was working on his motorcycle and asked if I could come over and hold "this metal thing in place" it was a spark plug! Oh, my dad was right there with him. They got a good laugh and all I got was a good Shock!

  14. Oh no!! Poor baby cow :( bad Dom!!! But hilarious story, its how you tell them ;) hehe

    Jen xxx

  15. HA HA HA HA HA! That's something Gregory would do to me but since I'm in France it would be like, beef tongue or tete du veau (which is veal brains by the way - yes VEAL BRAINS!!!)

  16. Perfect ending to the night.... hahahaha! My hubs would TOTALLY do something like that! I guess it's their way of keeping us on our toes??

  17. I was a vegetarian for over 6 years...I would have been soooo mad if that happened to me. Once I ordered a soup that was "veggie" yet there was a piece of meat in it...I went a bit crazy with the waitress because I asked her if it was a vegetarian soup...and she said yes. One little bite won't hurt but still hahaha not nice!

  18. You two are too cute! Love it! My hubby once tricked me into eating cows tongue, I nearly died!,


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