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A HUGE Favor!

For Dom, blogging usually means a lot of time for me in front of the computer, a lot of random recipes I want to try, and an extreme desire to play with a baby. Now.
Finally, he realized it's also a great way to reach a lot of people.
So today, we're going to be upfront and beg for your help.

You all know I love this guy for his delicious cooking, attempts to kill me, and Party Nana.
(He's kind of good looking too ;))

Well, I also love him because he's a closeted super smart nerd. And my mama taught me nerds make the best husbands. (Boyfriends too, Dom, don't freak out).

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Dom's Biomedical Engineering senior project was to design an adaptive bike for people who only have use of one arm/side of their body, particularly veterans and stroke victims.

You can see the details of it in this video!

Well whatdoyaknow his project is a finalist on the da Vinci Awards for Accessibility and Universal Design!

"The annual International da Vinci Awards® recognizes the most innovative adaptive and assistive technologies that enable equal access and opportunity for all people, regardless of ability. "

They are choosing the winner based on likes to their youtube videos, so if you have a moment to spare I would LOVE it if you would head to THIS LINK  and "like" their video!

Winning this kind of contest not only raises awareness to their product, but will make it easier for them to mass produce the bikes and start changing the lives of people who though they could never ride again. 

If that's not motivation enough, I may or may not have a video of Party Nana dancing to a little reggaeton music that I justttt might share with you as a thank you! :)




  1. Done! And good luck!

  2. Done! & I posted it onto my FB wall & will tweet it. Don't know if that will help! But this is great! Congrats again & Good Luck to Dom!

  3. I "liked" it for you missy! ;) that is AMAZING. GO DOM!!

  4. "liked" it! you def have a catch!

  5. Super cool- what an awesome bike that could seriously impact a lot of people. I 'liked' it!

  6. Good luck, Dom!! I "liked" it! :)

  7. Well I'm gonna do it anyways, but I'd still really like to see the video of Party Nana shakin' it. Please and thank you.

  8. That sounds awesome! It's pretty cool what BME people can do.


  9. Good luck, I "liked" the video, I hope you win!!

  10. awesome & creative, i liked it. now show me Party Nana!!

  11. Wow that is great!! I liked it :)

  12. liked and holy cow that is amazing!! good luck!!

  13. I will log in with every Google account I have and vote.

  14. Liked! That is amazing!!! Go Dom!

  15. What an amazing project to be apart of! Liked!


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