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A Very Special Birthday!

You all need to stop what you're doing right now, and send a birthday wish to my best friend...
My mama!
I know I'm a little biased, but my mom is the best one out there.

She can climb mountains...

Jump the Grand Canyon...
 and lip sync like no one's business.

I may be 23 years old, but you never stop needing your mama.
My mama is the one who, when my high school boyfriend broke my heart over my freshman Thanksgiving break, drove me back to D.C., and stayed with me until I remembered how to breathe.

Never once did she say that this was just high school love, and I'd get over it in a few months.
Never once did she say, "It will be okay," because when you're 18 and you're life has been shattered, she knew saying "it will be okay" meant nothing.
She just sat with me while I cried, and knew it would all be okay.
It was.

My mama is the one who, upon meeting Dom for the first time, did not say, "Hi! Nice to meet you!"
No, her first sentence to my brand spankin' new man-friend was "Wow! You're wearing more jewelry than my daughter!" (He went through a guido phase. We don't talk about it.)

My mama is the one who would drop everything to be by your side when you need a "Mommy fix," whether you're 5 years old, 15, or 35.

My mama is the one who my friends immediately ask for when they call.  No one cares about Florida, it's always "How's Mama Avocado?!" She will always make you laugh, feel at home, and maybe do an embarrassing dance if you're lucky.

If you're really lucky, you might even hear her sing opera while getting into the cold lake!
"Thank you, thank you.  I'll be here all summer."

And finally, one last picture that sums up my mom and me perfectly...


Happy Birthday, Mama! I love you!



  1. She seems like a very interesting, fun person! I like those "Never once..." parts. It is nice that she didn't generalize/stereotype your feelings at the time.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! She sounds like a very awesome lady! I'm 22 and I talk to my mom almost every day! I get to see her in 3 days too :)

  3. happy birthday to your mama!!

  4. So sweet, happy birthday to your Mom, she seems awesome!

  5. So precious :) Happy Birthday to adorable Momma Avocadoooo ;) Tell her her other daughter in Ohio wishes her a bday full of happiness!!!

  6. This is adorable! Happy birthday to your mom!! :)

  7. Robin, this post just made me smile. How sweet and Happy Birthday to your Mama!

  8. Oh dear, thats so sweet.
    Happy Birthday to your lovely mama.
    I can see how she is somuch fun and great mama, Somuch happiness in those pictures:)
    You are so lucky just for having her in this big world.


  9. She looks like she can Party! haha. Happy Birthday to your Mama!

  10. She looks like she can Party! haha. Happy Birthday to your Mama!

  11. Hiii Mama avacado ;) so cute. I hope she has a blast of a day!!!

  12. Aw, what a sweet post and happy birthday to your mom :)
    Newest follower!


  13. She seems like such a neat and adventurous person. Happy birthday to your mom!

  14. this is great! your mom seems awesome. love this!

  15. I'm bettin' ya our mamas would have fun :)

  16. Oh my gosh. Your mom sounds awesome!..and hilarious. We could be friends ;)

  17. So sweet, Happy Birthday to your momma!

  18. What an awesome post, mamas are absolutely the best, and yours sounds great!

    Happy Happy Birthday to her!


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