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As you've probably gathered, Dom's family (parents, cousin and of course Party Nana) are down in the sunshine state visiting until Wednesday.  Between work, playing asshole, and cocktails, there has been zero time to sit down and blog...sometimes I don't even glance at my phone until the end of the day!

So, I want to quickly apologize to anyone who I haven't emailed back (since last week...). I will get to them all by the end of the week (this makes me sound like I'm important. Guarantee 80% of people don't even realize I haven't emailed them back...but we can all pretend)! Promise.

Now to the announcement.  I've been toying with the idea for awhile, but I finally decided to make my Wednesday, "I Can't Believe" series into a link up! You can do a post like I do, just write a post about something that happened that you can't believe, or even add some to the end of a regular post! I'm not picky. :)

Start thinking about what you cannot believe (like how long Monday nights are without The Bachelor) and link up with me on Wednesday!



  1. Yay yay yayyy!!! I'm pumped for your link-up girl! :) And I'll just start it off by saying I can't believe we live SO FREAKING FAR APART! xoxo

  2. So exciiitinnggg :) love your face off ma'am.

    & PS- I'm glad your never to busy NOT to snap-chat. Hehe

  3. I was kind of hoping you would make this into a link-up, I thought it would be fun! Thank you.

  4. Definitely going to be fun! I can't believe how that picture of you can be so cute and sassy all at the same time?!

  5. Hahaha I like this idea.
    I'll definitely have to do this.
    & Girl.. I was just going to say something about how I can't believe the Bachelor is over because I don't know what to do with my life on Monday nights. Too funny.

  6. Ahh! I'm excited to link up - this is such a cute idea, and Wednesdays really need a fun pick me up!

  7. Missed you cutie patootie! I'll write that link-up on my calendar, bc I have a next to nothing memory. Hopefull, something unbelievable will happen in my life ; )
    ps. I am organized in bloglovin and lurv it! Got ya in there girl. Hope you can do the same for me :) Peace!

  8. Sounds great!! Looking forward to linking up with you!

  9. Yay this sounds like so much fun!!


  10. Yayayay!! I'm definitely going to link up! :)

  11. sounds fun!! and family time is important so take your time with the emails :)


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