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I Can't Believe... {Link Up!}

I can't believe... I finally got the nerve to make this a link up! My goal for Week 1 is 3 people. Let's see if I can beat it!

I can't believe... Dom put up notes on our mirror late Sunday night for me to wake up to on Monday!  I was not feeling my alarm after a late night, and a few little love notes put me right into a great mood.  Don't mind my lack of make up. :)
There was a piece of chocolate at the end of the trail too!

I can't believe... I might see Erin in a month! I really can't talk about it yet, because I get so excited I literally cannot function!

I can't believe... Dom finally got a big boy job! He'll be working at a gene therapy lab doing top secret government research.  You can just call him James Bond from now on. ;)

I can't believe.. how badly I want this cannoli Dom's cousin had last night. My mouth is still watering.

Grab a button and link up below! :)




  1. Yayyy love this link up! And oh my gosh...that cannoli!! Now my mouth is watering!

  2. Super pumped I was able to work your link-up into my post somehow ;) And 4 linky's already- go girl, go girl!!!

  3. haha adore this idea!!! I will have to participate next time, I don't think my post would work for this today. but LOVE IT!

  4. Congratulations to Dom for the new job! Those notes are so cute. And chocolate is always wonderful!

  5. Mmmm that cannoli has me drooling at my desk - it looks delicious!

  6. Ummm, is it acceptable to eat a cannoli for breakfast??? You've already passed your goal for week 1, that's awesome. Love your hubby's love notes, too... SO sweet!!!

  7. That cannoli looks amazing

    yay that you get to meet Erin! Ill admit I am a bit jelly!

    yay for a big boy job! so exciting

  8. I love that Dom left you those notes! So cute!
    I'm a little jelly that you'll get to meet Erin!!
    Congrats to Dom!

  9. Hey Robin! I just read about this link-up on another bloggers site. I like this topic, I'm definitely linking up! :-)


  10. so cute! I will definitely link up sometime with this, such a cute idea!

  11. Um, yeah, you got way more than three! #nailedit
    And could Dom be any cuter leaving you those notes???

  12. You're adorable! Love the post it notes!

  13. aw the post it notes melted my husband once left some on the tv hahah

  14. I'm pretty excited I found this link up and really enjoyed it, it's a neat one. That connoli looks really good by the way! Also, the post it notes idea on the mirror is super sweet.


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