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I Can't Believe...

I can't believe... how many of you linked up last week! I was hoping for 3, and you all absolutely blew me away! Each submission totally make my day. :)

I can't believe... My BFF Gregg actually did wear a purple paisley sparkly shirt to work.  And he took crap from the guys all day long. It was amazing. Too bad he had to leave early, and we can't have phones in the pharmacy, so I had to run outside really quickly for our picture. But you can get the idea!

I can't believe... I got hit on by some rando 55 year old at a traffic light.  It was seriously the most random event ever. I'm still not 100% sure if he was being serious or kidding.  It all started when he honked and waved really enthusiastically at me to roll my window down.  This actually happens to me a lot with people getting confused with the Turnpike, so I didn't think anything of it.  Then he asked the usual, "will this one get me to Orlando or Miami." I told him Orlando, and then got ready to roll my window up when he starts laughing yells, "Do you think I'm cute?!" Now, this was coming from a very average dad looking kind of guy, who seemed to be kidding, so I just laughed and said "Umm sure! A little old for me though ha ha ha." Then he proceeded to ask if I was married, where I was going (my answer was north), where I worked (literally just pointed and said "that way") and then told me he was only 55.  I laughed and told him sorry, but 45 was my limit (more like 25, but whatever) and rolled my window up. SO WEIRD.  I was very careful to make sure he didn't follow me off my exit!

I can't believe... PALM BEACH COUNTY CALLED ME FOR JURY DUTY THE WEEK I AM SUPPOSED TO MEET ERIN IN ORLANDO. I have only been a resident in Palm Beach county for 6 months! I'm hoping I can roll my eyes a lot and get released.  I need to take a half day and get to Orlando!! I would postpone, but with my best friend's wedding coming up this summer, I really can't risk being called then.

 I can't believe... I went to get my eyebrows done on Monday and clearly was this girls first client.  Not only did she take more than 15 minutes, but she smileld wax on my face, HAIR, and sunglasses.  I was so scared.  Thankfully, me eyebrows are even and actually kind of nice looking.
I can't believe... I almost died on the Stair Master the other day.  I have always wanted to try it, but have been too scared because I kind of figured I would die.  But, we were there late afternoon Saturday, and the gym was pretty it was my chance.  I casually moseyed on over and climbed on.  I started stepping, slowly increasing my steps per minute as I made sure I wouldn't keel over and die.  Then, it happened.  I hit the level up arrow, and I must have pushed it for an extra second and it SHOT up to like 130 something steps a minute and I started literally sprinting up the steps while yelling "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Ahhhh!" for a good minute. Praise sweet baby Jesus I found the down button before I fell off.  I slowly decreased to one step per minute and gracefully dismounted and walked away forever.  If anyone totally didn't happen.
Now, grab a button and tell me what you can't believe!



  1. Jury Duty blowwwws!! I hope your sweet eye rolling moves get you out of that one!

    I have the same fear of the stair master and I'm pretty sure I would have flipped my lid if that happened to me! Haha- I'm glad you survived!

  2. Gah- that jury duty better get thrown out ASAP!! Fingers crossed!

    And that story is hilarious about that creepy man.... I'm sorry! ;)

  3. I'm happily married to an older man, but that guy's attitude was freaky! That's not the way to approach anyone - even if you were his age!

  4. Laughing so hard at that stair master story that I am crying. That's the kind of thing that would happen to me.

  5. I just had jury duty a couple of weeks ago, I was so miserable and there all day. Then I left and was sad I didn't get chosen so I could use the general experience for a paper, then got lost. haha. Overall, not too bad. Also, I refuse to let anyone touch my eyebrows.

  6. Dress up like Princess Leila and tell them you like to "use the force" to make all your decisions. Bam. You're out of jury duty :)

  7. getting hit on by a 55 year old rando isn't as flattering as say, Channing Tatum, but still - take it as a compliment, you're pretty enough to stop traffic, ha!

  8. I got a jury duty summons last week too! And it's my third in three years...WTF! I got to reschedule mine...hopefully you can too. :)

    And those stairmasters are horrible. But this coming from the girl who stepped on a running treadmill (not my fault) and totally bit it at the gym. That was horrifying!

    Classy with a Kick

  9. The stair stepper! I die! I'm going to try to get to Orlando to see Erin too!


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