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If Dom Were The Bachelor

Every Monday night around 8 o'clock, Dom and I settle in with some wine and blankets for my favorite two hours of the week.
Bachelor time.
I love to watch because I love everything about it, and Dom likes to watch to see the cool places they go, and decide what he would do differently. 

Every Monday, the commercial comes on asking if you think you would be a good match for the next bachelor or bachelorette, and Dom nods a little too excitedly each and every time.  This got me to thinking. 

What would Dom be like as the bachelor? 
"Hey, ladies. I'm looking for love."

First of all, it would be a very short season.  
According to Dom, there will be 1 rose for his favorite girl coming out of the limo.
And all the rest for Kacie B.

Actually, the 50 Shades girl would get one too, because "she's hilarious."

His dates would all include skydiving, bungee jumping, or scuba.
If you're too scared? No rose for you.

 There would be a Chopped style cooking challenge group date.
If you can't make something amazing?
Your rose goes to Kacie B.

If Tierra showed up? "Chick chick...BOOM"

Mandatory personal trainer following him around, so he doesn't get "soft" like Sean did

The season would travel all over Europe, with the proposal in Australia.
As long as Kacie B. can handle the long flight.

Every week would be fantasy suite week.*
 When his final 2 meet his family, it would be 
his parents, brother, grandmothers, cousins, and about 30 family friends.  
They must ALL like you.

His final rose? 
To Kacie B.

"And one for Chris Harrison, 'cause he's the man."

*okay, so he didn't actually say that. But I know he was thinking it!  





  1. Haha this is too funny! I liked the chopped style group dates idea!

  2. Love this! It should be a linkup!

  3. hahaha so funny. my boyfriend watches the show with me too! his commentary is always so great. he get's into it. and kacie B?!! oh so not a fan! hehe this post was hilarious, loved it

  4. I just can't even handle the hot tub + wine picture! There's so much blang-blaaaang happening.

    Howeverrrrr, I do support his Kacie B. love, what with homegirl being from Tennessee and all :)

  5. This is too much... so funny! And umm? A man that will watch the Bachelor with you? Yeah. WINNING!

  6. LOL him and all his jewelry.. I love that you say he had a "guido" stage before ;) so funny. This is amazing.

    I have to admit... I loved Kacie B on the last Bachelor!

  7. Glad my man is not the only one who shares an obsession for Kacie B. She lives in Nashville now and I swear when we saw her out he got "sweaty palmd" Glad to see where I stand :)

  8. bahahah. I feel so badly that I need to start watching the bachelor now. We don't have TV (cuz we're cheap.) Maybe I'll look into hulu...

    Thanks, this was a hysterical read.

  9. This is absolutely hilarious! I love the chopped challenge and the rose for Chris!

    The pics were perfect!

  10. First - I love that Dom voluntarily watches the Bachelor with you! Ke is a keeper!

    Second - I would totally watch his version of the show. Sounds like it would be entertaining!

  11. love this, soooo hilarious!

  12. Hahaha, this is great! I love that he watches the show with you. I can't wait for Monday!

  13. Ha ha ha this was an awesome laugh! Love it!

  14. hahahaha I love this post. so great. but what's with Kacie B?!?!

  15. HAHA! Too funny! Not sure any of those girls would take too kindly to him trying to kill them...

  16. Shut up... this is too funny!! You're lucky he even watches this with you! My hubs will have nothing to do with it!

  17. This is probably my favorite post yet... too funny!

  18. "... to Kacie B."
    "... to Kacie B."
    So funny!
    I think Dom would make an awesome Bachelor, if he hadn't already found you of course :)

  19. Girl I LOVED KACIE B!!! I was sad when she didn't when, but honestly she was better off because I didn't think Ben was cute at all!

    Your boyfriend is hilarious. And you are too :)


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