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Ladies Love Country Boys

What's better than getting your hands on a country boy?
Getting to watch 9 of them shake it for you all in one day!

On Saturday, Dom and I went to the South Florida Rib Round Up Country Festival and rib cook off in West Palm.  It was magical.
Even though my double shot margarita cost me $18. Holy expensive, Batman.

Country concerts are an absolute favorite of mine, since they always include my favorite things...
Country boys and booze.  Especially when said drink is about as large as my head.

The line up for the concert was pretty darn amazing. Think Florida Georgia Line, Lauren Alaina, Rodney Atkens, Kip Moore, Justin Moore, Josh Turner, Chris Cagle and more!

We were planning to go with one of Dom's friends and his girlfriend, tailgate for a few hours and then head in when Lauren Alaina came on, since she was the first act I wanted to see.  But, like all the best stories, our day went nowhere near as planned.

Dom's friend ended up not being able to make it at the last minute, so it was just us when we got there.  We were hanging out my the car indulging in some adult beverages when something that always seems to happen happened.

I sneezed. 12 times.
The couple standing by the car parked in front of us both turned around and blessed me 12 times. We laughed, introduced ourselves, and before we knew it, our day got a lot more fun.  They were down from Boston on Spring Break, and we're old people wishing we were on spring break.  Mix that with Party Nana and Dom's uncle Joe who came later on our 2 extra tickets and you have a quite the party!

Our section was pretty empty, so we snuck them into our section from the lawn and had an absolutely blast.
That is, until the wretched old lady behind us complained that we were standing up and got them kicked out. Right as Justin Moore announced for everyone to get off their "lazy asses," stand up and get the party started. We almost managed the subtle ticket hand off, but the guy realized Uncle Joe and John had the same seat. Lame! So naturally, Nana, Dom, Uncle Joe and I stood in front of her and danced our little hearts out for the rest of the set, and then joined John and Stacey on the lawn.

Every act was so good, and as the night went on and the drinks flowed my little heart kept feeling more and more like I was the fun person I used to be in college, and my body kept trying to remind me I am not.

After the concert, John and Stacey had a 2.5 hour drive back to their condo, which we decided was not an option.  So, we channeled our inner crazy Spring Break selves, pinky promised not to steal each others kidneys, and invited them to stay with us.

Per usual, Party Nana was ready for more cocktails, so we headed back to the house to change and play a few rounds of Asshole.  Then, Nana headed to sleep and us real and fake spring breakers headed downtown to a Mexican bar!

Men and their girly drinks! Stacey and I took all the pics and have none of us. Fail!

At around 2am (which immediately became 3am), our country music, tequila loving selves gave into our bodies and we finally went to bed. Stacey and John on the blow up mattress, Uncle Joe next to them on the couch (also pretending he was on spring break!) and Dom and I somewhere near our bed.

The next morning the 6 of us had a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, water, and tylenol, and John and Stacey headed on their way!  My poor body has no idea what hit it, and I can absolutely not party like I used to, but it was one of the most fun days Dom and I have had in awhile!

We're so happy we got to spend it with two new friends, and keep our kidneys. ;)


  1. What an awesome day! I'm jealous of that concert! We are going to Kenny this weekend. I can't wait!!

  2. I love that you danced in front of the witchy old lady. Sounds like something I'd do :)

  3. Heyyyy, Party Nana! I see you rockin' that drank-guitar! :)

    K but seriously, this sounds so amazing! The only friends ever available to make at a Charlotte country concert are old men in belly shirts or couples who "can't have another drink, the kids have preschool in the morning." Whatever, man up! One day we'll get our Jersey boys together and party if up for real!!!

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  5. Sounds like a BLAST! I need to move to Florida asap. And is it bad that I am craving that double marg right now? hahaha :)

  6. I wanted to go so bad but the tickets were sold out. Are you going to the Tortuga festival in Ft. Lauderdale in April?! Kenny Chesney!?! I think yes! ♥

  7. I wanted to go so bad but the tickets were sold out. Are you going to the Tortuga festival in Ft. Lauderdale in April?! Kenny Chesney!?! I think yes! ♥

  8. I'm in major weekend jealousy mode right now!

  9. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I can't even come close to partying like I used to, but every once in a while, when a night like that happens organically, it's just SO much fun!

  10. Oh this makes me want Country Thunder to come SO much faster! Looks like fun!

  11. LOVE country music. Especially Josh Turner.
    Tyler from Florida Georgia Line used to go to my church! I babysat his sister a couple of times haha. Small world.

  12. My heart stopped the first time I heard Josh Turner live. Sexiest voice EVER. I hope your 18 dollar investment made up for the bia sitting behind you at the concert!!!! They should have a special section for all the lame asses!

  13. Ohh Party Nana! Haha. :)

    Sounds like such a fun time!! And such a good line up!

  14. That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to go to just one concert, let alone like 9 in one day basically!

    XO, Kelsey

  15. I was calling into a radio station frantically trying to win 'mega-tickets' for Jared and I for country concerts all summer long haha... I did not win. And then you come post something like this to rub it in my face ;) Meany!

    It's so funny seeing Dom in a cowboy hat. I do not picture him to be a country-music-loving kindof guy at all!!

  16. Oh my gosh this is perfect! And I love that Party Nana made an appearance!

  17. Looks like it was a lot of fun! I would have liked to see a few of those artists.

  18. So cute in your boots! Those girls drinks look scrumptious and of course I want the glass.

  19. Hey girl,

    new follower!! Love your blog, the two of you are just darling and I love that you love life :-)

    XO Jenna

  20. ahhh this looks like such a fun weekend! Country concerts are the best!!! I am seeing Carrie underwood in a few weeks eee!!

  21. omg this whole blog is making me crave sunshine and mason jar cocktails! (new

  22. So jealous, that line-up is AMAZEBALLS!!!

    Country concerts are so much fun especially ones with lots of great acts!

  23. I don't know which I am more jealous of, the fabulous looking drinks or the lineup!

  24. I think I'm in love with Party Nana. She seems pretty legit! And you can never go wrong with hot country boys and good booze ;)

  25. Ho. Ly. Mess... I am SOOOO super jealous of this concert and this day of drinks and sun and fake spring break partying. Looks like an awesome time!!

  26. Country concerts and alcohol are my mini vacations... for the last few years we've gotten the mega ticket that gets you into all the country shows at the amphitheater we've always got a huge group and have a great time, even if I've gotta work the next day.. Can I steal your Party Nana, seriously that is awesome!

  27. 1. This is EPIC
    2. Dom's t-shirt is the greatest thing ever.
    3. Everyone needs a Party Nana. Everyone.


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