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So, About That 23 in 23 List...

Recently, I came to the realization that in less than two months I will officially be in my mid twenties.
At 23 I can still get away with a lot of things, but at 24? I think that's when I officially have to start acting my age (although I say that every year, so don't hold your breath).
Around the same time I had this realization, Erin came across my 23 in 23 post from last July, and asked me how it was going.
I immediately got excited because it gave me the perfect blog topic, plus I got to see everything I've accomplished at 23! Until I went back and saw that I am utterly failing...

Let's take a look together.

 23 in 23
1. Actually use my Zumba Instructor License.  Umm fail. I let that baby expire in October. Boo.

2. Take an impromptu weekend trip to Key West and clap at the sunsets. Still in the works. But we did take an impromptu trip to Naples and my heart fell in love.

 3.  Gain 10lbs. And keep it on. Okay, well I gained 8 and then lost 4. but I am much healthier in general! This will be a long term goal.

4. Get my hunky boyfriend to put a ring on it.  Hahahah. Ask me in 5 years ;)

5. Perfect the Southern girl hair tease.  Getting better! My hairdresser and I had quite the lesson in volume and she introduced me to root lifting spray. Life. Changing.

6. Become Emily Maynard. Yeah, still haven't figured that out. But she just started a blog soo maybe she's becoming me? ;)
7. Become okay with the whole Dom joining the Navy after medical school thing. Sometimes I read Hooah and Hiccups and feel better. Otherwise, I just live in my happy denial place!

8. Become a master mixologist. Eh. I can put some things together that taste good and get the job done sooo success??

9. Learn to cook well and enjoy itAlso, a work in progress!

10. Get to 500 GFC followers. Wahoo!! Love y'all :)

11. Find my bloggy niche. Yes and no. I know the feel of my blog, so I'm just focusing on that instead of fitting into a specific niche.  I think that works better for me at the moment!

12. Throw a killer bachelorette party for my best friend. Well.  The MOH decided she didn't want to buy a plane ticket down here. So the party is going to be up North.  And I get to buy my 234234th flight back up there. No, I'm not bitter.

13. Make friends in Florida.  Sorta kinda! My friends at work are becoming actual friends, and 2 of them live with their girlfriends literally one street away. I feel a party coming on...

14.  Start working out regularly. Check! Some weeks are better than others, but it's better than nothing!

15. Have Dom come home from a long day at med school to a big traditional Italian meal that actually tastes good.  Will prompt #4. Change med school to work and you've got it!

16. Join any kind of club that is really just an excuse to get together and drink with girlfriends.
This would require me to have girlfriends. Sooo no.

17. Travel to at least 1 new country. Mega check! Dom and I did 7 new countries in October! You can read all the recaps in my Travels page!

18.  Strengthen my relationship with God.  I got blessed by The Pope. That counts, right?

19.  Learn to use my DSLR and photoshop that's been on my shelf for half a year. In progress! I bought a DSLR and photoshop course online, just have to find the time to do them!

20. Start attempting to have a healthier diet.  Done and done! I'm so healthy 22 year old me wouldn't even recognize me.

21.  Get the nerve to color my hair. Okay, so it's not so much nerve as a strong lack of desire to spend $200 on something totally unnecessary.

22. Go to Disney for the first timeNext month I'll be there! Not in Disney, but at Disney. Baby steps?

 23.Pick a Florida football team and become a real fan, not just someone who loves football because calories don't count when you're watching a game.  Obviously. 
 Yayyyy Dolphins! Now I care because of my cute jersey. Like I steps.

Let's hope my 24 in 24 list goes a little better!



  1. I am struggling with the "make more friends" thing myself. Except I am 28. It is very difficult! And the bloggy niche- I wrote an entire post about my blogging identity (well, rather the lack thereof), but I learned that I should just write what I want! haha

  2. I don't think you're totally failing! Being healthier, traveling, and getting better at cooking are pretty awesome!! :)

  3. I need to start working out regularly too! Same with friends; you would think that it would be super easy making friends in college! I absolutely love your blog, so I feel like you are at the perfect place with what you write about!

    XO, Kelsey

  4. love this post! you've inspired me to write a similar one myseld (25 in 25) and then visit it in a few months before my 25th :o)

    kudos to making some of the goals on your list come true!!

  5. HAHAHA #4 I am the same way with my boyfriend (patiently) waiting, ha!

  6. I love your list! These are all great things! I saw that Emily started a blog! I need to go check it out! :) Justin tried to join the military awhile back and I wasn't having it! Best of luck in supporting him in that HUGE decision!


  7. This is a great list! You guys are inspiring me... excpet my list will be much longer :/ Great job on accomplishing some of your goals; baby steps are key!

  8. I'd say you did really well! And the having girlfriends thing cracked me up. Does online girlfriends count? Because that's what I have. I've just given up on making them here. It's just impossible!

  9. I've been a Dolphin fan my whole life! Which is strange, because I've never seen outside of the airport of Miami. Nut hey, Dan Marino was a total hottie back in the day, right? ;)

  10. I prefer random/lifestyle blogs, like yours, over niche ones. I think yours is great the way it is! :)

  11. You're doing awesome. You made a pretty ambitious list for one year. I did a 30 Before 30 and have given myself 3 years.

  12. I love this & you! and of course calories don't exist while watching football, duh. (:

  13. Pshh, I'm 24, (25 in July) and I never act my age if it's not necessary!

    Totally doing a 30 in 30. Inspired by Erin! Gonna try to have it ready by my birthday & then I'll have 5 years to attempt do it.
    Ew that just sounds scary...5 year to 30yrs old...

    & I got blessed by the Pope too, so I do hope that counts! ;) haha

    Too bad we don't live closer, we could make our own club!

    Can't wait to see your 24 in 24!

  14. It's never too late - heck you could just take these 23 and turn it into your 30 before you another 6 years to complete!! Also, I had never heard of these lists until about 2 weeks before my 30th so I create a 30 DURING 30 list!! Pa-cha! LOL

    You've got some great things on your list. Don't give up. Also, don't forget you're only as old as you feel and age is just a number!

  15. I think the first step to accomplishment is writing a list :) At least, that is how I live and learn. Sometimes, looking back at my lists, I realize that some things may not have gotten accomplished but otherwise disappeared off my inner radar. I think you are on a good road to 24, list completely checked off or not!

    PS: I may have to steal this idea some time ;-)

  16. Ummm I love you. And this. And how did I not know that was happening??? We need to talk more about that!!

    You're cooler than Emily Maynard. And that's like the ultimate compliment as you know, so take it and run with it!


  17. Ahhh I also bought a DSLR that I haven't really gotten around to using - theres so many buttons! I'll be 24 in two days so I might write something similar for mine :)

    Life of Ally

  18. You had a zumba instructor license!? That's pretty awesome girl.

    I love this idea, I might just have to copy it for myself :)

    Love your blog.


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