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That Time I Hit Another Car {First Things First}

 Aloha! Today I'm so excited to be co-hosting the First Things First link-up with my fellow Florida girl Halie, and Jessica from City Sequins!

 Today's firsts are...

1. First speeding ticket or traffic accident
2. First BIG accomplishment you're proud of
3. First thing you usually reach for in the fridge

1. First speeding ticket or traffic accident. Well, I am stunned and proud to say I have (knock on wood) never gotten a speeding ticket! I haven't been in any traffic accidents either, unless you count getting gently rear-ended going all of 10 mph.  I did have one semi-traumatic car incident though.  Last spring, I was visiting Dom in Rochester and they were having crazy insane winds that weekend.  Even the roof of Dom's fraternity house blew half off!  We were in my car, and Dom was driving his father and me back to campus, and there was a HUGE gust of wind right as I opened my door to get out.  The wind took the door and it SMACKED the door of the car next to mine, leaving a very noticeable dent and streak of teal paint.  I was so stunned and mortified! I left a note on the windshield, but never heard from them.  I think the insane wind probably blew my note away and they thought I didn't even try! I felt so bad...

2. First big accomplishment I'm proud of. I feel like the answer to this question should be when I graduated college!

While that is a huge accomplishment that I am most definitely proud of, I think I would say that I'm more proud of being able to pick up my life and move down to Florida with so many unknowns! Dom and I had each other and a place to live, and that's it.  It was not easy, but eventually I found a job, and am taking the necessary steps to get our lives going in the directions we want! Dom finished his MCAT and is interviewing for jobs while he waits to hear from medical schools, and I'm applying to go back to school!  2013 is going to be one crazy and telling year, and I'm proud I am in a place to make all these life altering decisions!

3. First thing you reach for in the fridge. My good old Diet Coke! PSYCH. I gave up soda for lent, and even when it is not lent, we don't have soda in the house.  I honestly have no self control, so I can't even have it in sight, otherwise I will drink it all.  It's been 6 months and I still open the fridge hoping to see that silver and red can of happiness! Since I'm always saddened to see no DC, I usually search for something sweet, find nothing, and vow to go grocer shopping right then and there.
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  1. Yayyy this is my first link-up!! :) Moving down to Florida and getting yourself settled down there is an awesome accomplishment - way to go!!!

  2. Girl I'm so impressed you've never gotten a ticket or even been in an accident! I'm assuming you have the good driver discount on your car insurance?! :) And yes, moving all the way down here with so many unknowns is a *huge* accomplishment! That's something I'd be terrified of myself...

    P.S. - Sooo glad you're co-hosting with me today!! ;0

  3. Knock on wood, I've never gotten a ticket either! This was a really cool way to get to know you! I may have to do this link up one day! Love it!

  4. Even though you are making all of these scary decisions, it is so good to have the comfort of your other half making them with you. We went through this back in May and IDK what I would have done if I had to do it alone!

  5. Some people say soda is bad, but I think it's better to have a diet Coke than one of those sugary sports drinks (like Gatorade). Even some flavored waters have more sodium than a diet Coke!

  6. Hi, popped over from Halie's blog, so excited to see who here cohosts are this week! :)

    I would have felt just as bad as you did if I hurt someone's car. I somehow have made it 7 years in my car with no major (or really even minor) door dings so far, knock on wood over here, too! Whew! I did have a couple accidents and tickets (not speeding), but it's been about 9 years since anything happened, thank goodness!

    I linked up, too, you can read my post here.

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle


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