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Listening to Brad Paisley's new album.  Which means I finally put a pause on Florida Georgia Line and Nelly's Cruise remix!

Praying for  Boston, and Felicia.  So much hurt this past week.

Excited TO MEET ERIN IN A FEW SHORT DAYS!!! It honestly still seems like it's forever away, I can't believe it's so soon!

Addicted to The Real Housewives of The OC.  I am not a huge Real Housewives fan at all, but for some reason I love the OC wives!

Not so excited for jury duty tomorrow.  Not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping they don't pick me!

Drinking good old Jack & Ginger.

Watching Shameless! Just started season 1 and I love it. Do any of you watch?

Eating homemade burrito bowls a la Dom! So divine :)

Feeling wet. Love getting caught in a torrential downpour without an umbrella!

Loving unexpected acts of kindness.

Celebrating Adam Scott winning the Masters! I'm not going to pretend I know/care about golf at all, but it was fun watching the very end and seeing an Aussie win! Plus, he's kind of nice on the eyes. ;)

Hoping you didn't miss the great ladies who graced my blog yesterday! 



  1. I love Brad Paisley's new song "Beat This Summer"! And warm rainstorms are great. Cold ones not-so-much.

  2. love love love the Cruise remix with Nelly!!! Also....the OC cast is my fave. I do watch Atlanta and BH, but those OC ladies get me every time!!!! Gretchen is just funny to me, and Tamara just tells you how it is!

  3. So happy it worked out for you and Erin to meet! You will love her 90million times more in person, promise!! ;)

  4. I need to get that new Brad Paisley cd ASAP!

    Oh, I am a real housewives addict! I love them ALL!!! But OC is my favorite!

    getting caught in the rain is the BEST!

  5. Cannot wait to meet you girlfriend! Seriously can't even believe it's finally happening!!!

  6. Girl, you should get used to torrential downpours starting promptly at 4pm and lasting approximately 15 minutes. It is so typically Florida..believe me.

    Is it weird that I'm so excited for you to experience your first hurricane season?! GET EXCITEDDDDDD (said that in my best sorority rush week voice)

    And Adam Scott? Um, yeshh. I need Playgirl to please put him on the cover wearing only that green jacket. DE-VINE.

  7. I don't watch real house wives either, just the OC ladies!!! can't get enough

  8. Shameless has been on my list to watch forever. Need to rent that season 1. Oh and how can you not be OC housewives obsessed?

    Memoirs & Mochas

  9. Love "Shameless." It honestly just gets better and better each season - I don't understand how Emmy Rossum or William Macy haven't nabbed an Emmy yet!

  10. Theres something about the og oc that I will always love. I am a huge fan anyway but oc will always be the one. I cant stand tamara anymore tho. aaand I also just finished season one of shameless. I also finished season 3 now I just gotta see season two and Ill be all caught up!

  11. Country is such a perfect music choice for spring& welcoming the summer! Jury duty must be a bore.. Unexpected acts of kindness is so great. Makes you realize there truly are great people in the world despite everything going on

  12. I have such a soft spot for the RHOC because they are the originals and I love me draaaaama. :) I am a reality show junkie.. sigh.

  13. Umm burrito bowls? Yum. Love me some OC wives too... I just tried to watch Big, Rich, Atlanta or some nonsense (trying to be like Real Housewives) and it wasn't the same at all.

    Soooo when you coming back to NY?! HMMMM?

  14. Ah Shameless! I just started watching it too!

    - Carrie

  15. I loveeee the OC Housewives! They are my fav!

  16. Homemade burritos = Get in my belly!!! haha.

    Thanks for the shoutout yesterday!!


  17. Oh a ginger and jack sounds lovely right now!

    I've still not moved on from Wagon Wheel, although Boys Round Here is moving in to a close second....

  18. I'm a new blogger and I somehow came across your blog and I am so glad I did! Your blog is to cute :) I definitely agree about Brad Paisley's new album! His voice is just beautiful haha.

  19. I am all about the ladies of the OC!


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