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How To Turn A Bummer Of A Weekend Into A Fun Post

Focus on the pretty, the alcohol, and the food.

This one is going to take some talent.
I wish I could say that I had a great weekend full of fun and relaxation just like I was looking forward to, butttt that didn't happen.
Let's spin this over all depressing and sick weekend for the better, shall we?

Friday (I think?) West Palm Beach turned pink! Sunsets down here never get old. :)

Saturday morning was definitely the highlight, we went back to the Downtown Fresh Market, which is quickly becoming our favorite weekend spot!
Gluten free food, smoothies, cupcakes that LOOK LIKE HAMBURGERS, fresh veggies an the ocean? Sign. Me. Up.

Then the weekend too a turn...

Dom and I got all dressed up and headed to a local bar to watch Syracuse lose in the NCAA semi-finals the Syracuse game!

Now, we focus on the fact that my whiskey drink was the
 ...and not that we played horribly and had horrible refs. :(

Bright side: Pink sparkly shaker!
Can you tell I'm pulling at strings here? Hehe.

Okay...Sunday. The Jupiter Seafood Fest! We love fests in South Florida and I love it!
We ate, drank, and were merry.

Then, I got the CNN email about Lilly's passing and the day went downhill.

Thankfully, I had Blake Shelton and Luky Bryan to shake it for me and make me feel better. :)
You better believe Party Nana and I were trying to reach through the TV. Luke can shake it for me whenever he wants. Nom.



  1. That sunset... *sigh*
    Can I just move in with you? It looks absolutely gorgeous in south Florida!

  2. ahhh luke bryan and his shaking. no words to describe haha

  3. Gorgeous pics! good for you for looking for the good! That market looks incredible!

  4. That sunset is BEAUTIFUL! I get to see Luke Bryan this summer...I cannot wait!

  5. I just love Luke & Blake! And all your pretty pictures of sunsets, palm trees, and florida happiness! I enjoy all of your pictures :-)!!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Is it warm all year round in your area of Florida?

  7. I Love you guys in orange!!! :) Smile pretty lady!

  8. Such great photos! Sorry Syracuse lost, but great season for you all!

  9. Gah, this looks like a total dream!!!!

  10. I dig Luke and the shake. Yes. Makes anyone happier.

  11. officially moving in with won't mind will you?

  12. Beautiful sunsets! I love a good market on the weekends. It's great you found a way to enjoy the weekend, even if there were bad parts sprinkled in. Life is how you perceive it and when you can look up, you should! :)

  13. That sunset was gorgeous, you got some pretty pictures!

  14. I thought I had words coming together to form some sort of meaningful comment to this post...but then I get to the end of it and all I can say is: Luke Bryan.

    XO, Kelsey

  15. I go to the WPB Greenmarket almost every Saturday. I love it! BTW Havana's cafe con leche and guava pastry are definitely worth a try. :) And you were in my neighborhood for the seafood festival. Happy hump day!

  16. A fellow (misplaced) Syracuse fan! Nice to meet you :)

    What part of NY are you from? I'm originally from Watertown..just north of Syracuse.

  17. That sunset is gorgeous!

    I love fresh markets.


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