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I Can't Believe

I can't believe... the amazingness of the Pad Thai I had at a new Thai restaurant we found. Literally mind blowing!

I can't believe... Party Nana goes back north in 10 days! That means partying and tequila NON STOP for the next week and a half.  Dom and my life is about to get a lot more sober.

I can't believe... how many festivals there are in South Florida! Every single weekend there are at least 2 or 3 to chose from. It makes which day trips/adventures so easy and fun!

I can't believe... How Kiersten can stun you with one paragraph.  Her writing puts me to shame...everyday. 

I can't believe... my stomach gargled for 25 minutes straight on Sunday.  Holy awkward.

I can't believe... how many unknowns are looming ahead of us.  I would like to fast forward and get some answers please!

I can't believe... I ironed my shirt, while wearing it, with a flat iron yesterday morning.  Actually...I can believe it...because that's just how I roll...



  1. I think a lot of us would like some answers about the future. I wish it were that easy.

  2. Yumm I love some good Pad Thai! And here's hoping you get some answers soon!

  3. Lol! I've done the flat iron to the shirt thing!! =D

  4. moments like ironing your shirt with a flat iron are the moments I wish it was legal to hide cameras in places. Not because I am creppy but because I deserve a good laugh every now and then! If there were hidden cameras in my house - you all would get great laughs most of the time!

    oh and happy hump day...duh.

  5. i, on a regular basis, iron my shirt with my flat iron..judge me :)

  6. Ugh, I know what you mean about the "unknowns". Sometimes the waiting and what-if's are the worst part.

  7. What? Flat ironing shirts isn't normal?! Crap!!

    Keep that pretty chin held high and just know that GREAT things are in store for you :)

  8. If I ever ironed, I could so see using my flat iron. I usually just wear wrinkled stuff.

    I haven't had Pad Thai in a long time. Think I need some.

  9. I may have to join in this "I Can't Believe" next week :) Love this!

  10. I do the iron trick about once a week! Until I recently burned/melted a shirt :(

  11. You live the perfect florida life !!!

  12. Party Nana is leaving!?! WTF! And I hear you completely with the unknown thing. Story. Of. My. Life.

    It drives me crazy that I can't control my own life... I guess that what love will do to you :)

  13. I also have flat ironed my shirt...while it was on-and a dress, and a tank top...I mean, if it works, why not! haha

    XO, Kelsey

  14. Unknowns are practically all I live with now a days.... What I would give to go back to college when I thought I had everything figured out! :)

  15. OMG - ironed a shirt while you were wearing it! That's awesome, I'm totally trying that next time. However, I would probably burn a hole through my shirt!

  16. I can't seem to find where I can add my link? I think I'm missing something...

  17. LOL @ the flat iron one. So funny. Love your blog!

  18. Whaaaat? Party Nana is leaving?!
    Hope you guys have lots of fun while she's still there!
    I thought all girls have done the ironing with a straightener at one point! Bahaha! Gotta go what you gotta do!


  19. I wish we had more festivals around here!!

    I agree about the unknowns especially now I am a mom! Scares me for my daughter

    lol @ the flat iron your shirt but hey whatever works ;)


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