I Can't Believe!

I can't believe... how obsessed I am with Blake Shelton's "Sure be cool if you did." I could listen to it on repeat for days and not get tired of it!

I can't believe... I had never heard of pickled eggs until yesterday. Have I been living under a rock? It's not that I hadn't ever tried one, I had literally never even heard of them! Must say, I'm definitely a fan.  Does that make me weird?

I can't believe... How much I love this post by Katie.  SO many delicious and healthy recipes in one place! Dom and I looked at this post together and just drooled.  Okay, not really...but almost.

I can't believe... I don't have tickets to see any country concerts this summer.  Country concerts DEFINE summer for me usually!  I guess that's what happens when you're broke.  But Luke, if you're reading this, feel free to come give me a private concert. Right here. Right now. ;)

I can't believe...How hard I laughed at this ecard! I literally don't know why it strikes me as so hilarious, but there were actual tears, and every time I look at it again, I laugh just as hard.




  1. I love Blake Shelton! Do you watch The Voice? I just think he's hilarious on that show :) love your blog!

    xo samantha


  2. I have plans to see Luke Bryan in May. I am excited. I've actually never been to a proper country concert (gasp, I know...blame it being that I am from New England...or my lameness ha)

  3. LOL at that e-card!

  4. SO far I haven't purchased any concert tickets either! THIS has got to change. ASAP.

  5. I hope Luke listens!! :P That ecard is pretty hilarious!!

  6. Hmm...pickled eggs?! What do they taste like??

  7. I couldn't love our similarities in music anymore than I already do!!!!! :-)

  8. I love that song too! I hope Luke reads this and gives you a private concert :P I'd love to see him!

  9. you are SO sweet for including me!! such a nice surprise!!! :) how was your meet up with Erin?! xo

  10. That's a great e-card! I don't think I've ever heard of pickled eggs before either - are they like deviled eggs or what?


  11. Pickled eggs were a thing I didn't know existed outside of northern MN and the ones I've seen look GROSS. Also, that is the best e-card I have seen in a long time.

  12. I've *heard* of pickled eggs, but never actually *tried* them, and honestly I'm a little afraid to! The only place I seem to see them are sketchy gas stations or liquor stores, and that's not the kind of place I want to get that kind of "snack" from. Where did you get one? I'm curious about it now...

  13. Sorry my button is on their twice! I keep trying to delete the 2nd one, but the button to Pin It keeps covering the delete! Feel free to delete! :) Thanks lady!

  14. I love eggs, but the thought of a pickled one doesn't really sit well with me. I'm not a big country fan (more into country pop like T. Swift and Rascal Flatts), but I'm loving some of Blake Shelton's new stuff.

    - Heather


  15. oh man Luke is so wonderful! I'm seeing Tim McGraw in May for my birthday and it's the perfect summer kick off!


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