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Monday, Nothing A Cupcake Can't Fix

Oh hey, Karma, I see you. 
So last Monday I talked about my bummer of a weekend, so life decided to throw a curveball and make this one worse! After being heartbroken for Felicia, I managed to T-bone someone while pulling out of work on Friday.  Coming from a girl who has never gotten a parking ticket, it was a traumatic day.  Soooo instead of being a debbie downer, I'm doing to turn to my main squeeze Jack Daniels and turn you over to three amazing ladies you definitely don't want to miss!  My favorite part of taking sponsors is finding blogs I might not have come across otherwise, and falling in love!  Can't wait to share them with you!


 I knew I liked Martha the minute I read her blog name, A Southern Transplant
We all know that is my dream! Then, I fell in love a little more when she admitted to being a spazz. I literally laughed out loud reading about some of her most embarrassing incidents (think a totally embarrassing moment, and then realizing you have an audience)!  Martha is a native Ohioan, transplanted to South Carolina, an amazing mom to 4, and a wife to one, who has a shocking redneck side.  Her blog gives you a great window into her life now, but it was this post that really showed me her heart.  It is a post no single girl should miss!

Miss Rinnie is a hilarious AUSSIE who blogs about her life guess it...Australia!  She will have you rolling with her favourite words post (just try and say these curse words in an Australian accent without laughing), and wishing you could hop on a plane when you see posts like this.  Rinnie just recently graduated from uni, and may or may not have pretended she was at Hogwarts the whole time (girl after my own heart).  Still not convinced?
Go read her take on the evolution of partying. But if you do buy a ticket, please bring me?

Last, but certainly not least, is Sara from Pearls & Curls!
Sara is a 20-something college student from Atlanta, who clearly loves anything involving pearls, curls, drunk pinning, and monograms...with a hint of bourbon. So, while you're reading this, grab some bourbon (or, you know, coffee since this is posting in the morning) and read this post.  I guarantee you'll take a step back next time twitter drama explodes! Sara also hosts a super fun Saturday Instagram Recap link-up! It's the perfect way to put all those million instagram pictures you take daily to good use.  Plus, it's the perfect way to glimpse into a bloggers life.  After seeing this recap, I wanted to jump inside her blog and live there.  Creepy? Maybe.  But pop on over and I bet you'll feel the same!

Happy Monday, ladies.  Here's to a better week!



  1. Hope you are okay! Car accidents are not fun no matter how bad they are. Hope today and beyond are better.

  2. OH NO!!! Sorry girlfriend... wine is usually the best medicine. XOXO

  3. I am sorry you had such a rough weekend. :(

  4. That is no bueno, girl. Hope you're feeling ok and not sore at all!
    Thanks for the awesome write up!!

  5. Cupcakes ultimately fix everything. Hang in there, be tough and know that I am SO EXCITED about meeting!!!


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