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Oh my dear...

Dear My sweet, beautiful, perfect Felicia: I wish you could feel how much my heart hurts for you.  I literally almost drove off the road when my mom told me the news.  I cannot imagine your loss.  The thought of my father not walking me down the aisle is literally unimaginable.  My heart is so broken. Keep breathing. I love you so much. I know your dad is smiling from heaven knowing you have someone like Kevin to watch out for you, and love you enough for both of them. <3

 Dear everything else in the world: Sorry, but you don't really seem to matter right now.

Dear Airlines: I hate you for being so expensive I can't jump on a plane right now to squeeze my Felicia. Damn you.

And just so this isn't totally a debbie downer post...

Dear Sushi Friday: Friday is SO much more fun now that I know I get sushi too!
Dear Friday in general: You got here quickly this week! Thanks for that. ;)

Dear Soldier who frantically waved and honked at me on the way to work yesterday: Yay 101st Airborne!!! Your enthusiasm over my bumper sticker totally made my day :)

Dear Erin: I SEE YOU IN A WEEK!!!! Even though I have been a blob this week I am SO excited!! This is not real life. Also, Happy Anniversary :)  I'm so glad I left you that first comment!

Dear Dom: Don't have anything special to say today except... I love you. :)




  1. I love Fridays!!! :) Prayers are with your friend Felecia and her family. I can't even imagine!!!!

    I wish I loved sushi so I could write about it!

  2. Eeek my brother is 101st Airborne! woohoo!

    So sorry for your friend's loss :(

  3. So sorry about your friend :( So sad... sending prayers her way!

    Sushi Friday ugh sounds fabulous!! I'm starting a cleanse Monday and transitioning all weekend so I'm uber jealous.

    Loves youuuuu (you too Dom Dom muwahahhah)

  4. So so sorry about your friend - sending lots of prayers her way!!

    Have a great weekend RObin!! :)

  5. oh i am so sorry for your friend, that breaks my heart.

  6. so sorry for your friend, my heart hurt when I saw your tweet about it. I cannot imagine my dad not being there for me at my wedding, sending lots of prayers her way!

  7. Thinking about sweet Felicia and her family. Praying for them!!

    I'm glad you get some sushi today and have Dom by your side to make things a little bit better. Oh, and we officially get to meet next week.... that blows my mind!!!

  8. I have the same feeling towards airlines all the time! If they could make tickets like $10, that would be great so I could go visit my friends and family who are all scattered around!

    - Carrie

  9. Sending prayers her way.

  10. Sorry to hear about your friend's loss.

    On a positive note, I could go for sushi friday today.

  11. My prayers are with your friend! :( How sad..

  12. So sorry for your friend's loss. She's lucky to have someone who cares about her as much as you do!

  13. So sorry for your friend's loss. :c It's good she has people who care about her.


  14. oh goodness, losing a father is so difficult. sending love to your friend!


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