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Monogram Me, Baby

I love monograms.
I would monogram myself if I could
(but not a tattoo, that's not really my style)
I've talked about Marley Lilly before on this blog, but if you've missed those posts, now is your chance it get with le program!
Everything monogrammed that I own is from Marley Lilly, and they are always coming out with something new that I need to have (like this shirt I just showed off on instagram last week)!
I was so excited to receive my monogrammed baseball hat, just before my birthday!
I love the look of baseball caps, but I really can't pull them off.
I have a freakishly small head, and I always manage to look super awkward.
Thankfully, this hat is actually really adjustable (more than the few centimeters on most hats) so I was able to get it to fit, and actually look good!
It is the perfect summer accessory, and went to 3 beaches and 1 pool in it's first week in my house (the only other beach accessory I've worn that much is my Marley Lilly monogrammed derby hat)!
Beyond the look, the quality is fantastic. 
It's lightweight enough to not set your head on fire when you wear it out in the sun, but the fabric is high quality and sturdy.  It even got crushed at the bottom of my beach bag before I took these pictures, and you'd never know!
The color is bright (the orange is perfect for this Syracuse girl!) and the monogram really pops.
I could not recommend this hat and Marley Lilly enough! :)

* I was sent this hat to review, but all opinions are my own.  I've been a loyal fan and customer of Marley Lilly for years!


I Can't Believe!

I can't believe... it's 9pm on Tuesday and I almost forgot to do an I Can't Believe post! #bloggerfail

I can't believe... This gorgeous girl got married on Saturday!!

I can't believe... how many people got married and engaged this past weekend!  I literally counted 8 in one scroll through Facebook on Saturday.

I can't believe... I got to go to The Breakers twice in one week! This time we went with Dom's parents, brother, and brother's girlfriend. :)

I can't believe... one of the bars at the Breakers is actually a fish tank. We found Nemo, and kept getting scared when this eel like thing kept swimming out from under our drinks!
 (The fish were hiding for the picture!)

I can't believe... how rowdy my work happy hour got on Friday!  It was all fun and games until our pharmacy tech turned to me and asked if I liked Patron.  And then the shots came.  We all had a good giggle seeing each other Tuesday morning!



3 Things I've Learned That School Won't Teach You

1. You will learn infinitely more by traveling than you ever will in a classroom.
2. Life is short, buy the shoes.
3. Being a little weird is awesome.

I only had three things to share for today's challenge, but you can learn probably a million things from checking out these ladies below!


This is the lovely Kristyn behind Carolina Fireflies!
My love for Kristyn started immediately when I first read her tagline, "filled with love that's grown in Southern ground." You know, only a line from a song of my favorite band, Zac brown band!  When I "met" Kristyn through a V-blate workshop, I loved her even more!  Kristyn's blog is all about life and love in the South.  She shares the most drool worthy recipes, and has amazing project and craft ideas.  She's one of those people that you'd probably want to hate if she weren't so awesome!  Kristyn is also the host of one of my favorite link-ups Three Things Thursday! 

Next, I want to introduce you to Jen from It's a Blonde's life! This blonde doesn't even have to write a blog post to be cool.  Just being able to peek into someone's life who lives in the UK is amazing!  I love reading about her adventures across the pond!  Jen is a 20-something fur mommy, who has a sweet heart and totally awesome adventures. She also has a love of travel, so you know she's a girl after my own heart! Jen is also a self proclaimed make up admirer, and shares her great new finds with her readers! If you're anything like me and always need a recommendation, you're in luck. :)

Last, but certainly not least, is the hilarious and beautiful Sarah/Venus behind Venus Trapped In Mars!  I really don't even know where to start with her, considering she is a mix of everything amazing and fun and sparkly and crazyyyy all mixed together.  Sarah is a sports fanatic, wrapped up in a sparkly girly girl body.  Her blog has crazy helpful tutorials to improve your blog, a whole tab for drinking games/suggestions (clearly where I went immediately the first time I saw her blog)!  Oh yeah, and she will have you on the floor laughing.  Start with this post. Then this one. I know I'm guilty and I bet you are too!


I Can't Believe...I'm actually getting in the swing of things!

I'm going to start with one HUGE I can't believe, which is I can't believe how freaking awful this birth control has made me feel all month! May has been infinitely better than April, but due to a pharmacy mix-up I'm on a different BC this month than normal.  It might be TMI, but most BCs make me crazy and give me horrible mood swings.  This one just makes me kind of bummed out and literally not care about anything!  It's awful.  I'm so happy to go back to my normal self next month!

I can't believe... still how amazing my birthday weekend was! I seriously have the best parents and man a girl could ask for!

I can't believe... How delicious Burberry Summer smells! Party Nana got it for me for my birthday and I just want to bathe in it!

I can't believe... Dom's parents arrived last night, his brother arrives tomorrow, and his brother's girlfriend arrives on Friday!  Our house is about to become party central again!  On that note, I can't believe how much laundry I have done in the past week...

I can't believe... how badly I want to see Eric Church in concert! I've been listening to him more and more and it's love.

I can't believe... I start University of Alabama classes on Tuesday! It's crazy to think I'll be in school for at least 2 years again!  I'm excited but whoa, it will be a change!



Day 21- Favorite Posts

Even though I have utterly failed at this whole blog every day in may challenge, I am still loving the prompts Jenni has come up with!  Today's is to list the links to my favorite posts.  I have a "Special Posts" page, but how many people actually go through them??

This picture has nothing to do with my post...I just felt it was necessary ;)

So... in case you missed them, here are my 5 favorite posts!  Either because they make me happy, sad, or show a little more about me.

That time by boyfriend tried to kill me

If Dom were the Bachelor!


The Day I Got Slapped By Reality

A Very Special Birthday!


"Whatever it is...I want it in my belly button. {Birthday Weekend!}

I don't think there's any other way to describe my weekend then by saying I got completely, 100% spoiled!  My family and friends all went full out, and this past weekend was absolutely the best birthday weekend I could ask for.

We started celebrating on Thursday, when I met Dom after work for a wine and cheese tasting in Palm Beach!
We got to rub elbows with the rich and richer, and had some incredible wines and cheeses.  I've said it before, but one of my favorite things to do in Palm Beach is people watch, and this tasting did not disappoint.  I love seeing everyone so dressed up and looking like they just stepped off their yacht. :)  Dom found a new favorite wine, and so did I!  I fell in love with some snazzy moscato, and since it's my birthday we might have bought a massive bottle to take home with us...

I was trying to be good and wait until my actualy birthday to open any gifts, but Erin convinced me to open hers, and it was just too amazing! Cocktails, disney princesses and Lilly.  She could not know me any better! :)
 Friday was my actual birthday, so of course I woke up in a great mood.  That only got better when Dom convinced me to open a present before work...and that present turned out to be an ipad from my parents and a Lilly case from his parents!  Didn't I tell you I was spoiled?!

 When I went into work it just got better.  My cubicle was completely decked out with streamers, balloons, glitter, confetti, and cards and gifts from my coworkers. It was so sweet! I literally had trouble working because there was no room on my desk for papers! Not that I minded, of course.  I wish I had a picture, but my work has a very strict no phones on the premises rule, and I wasn't trying to get fired on my birthday!

After work on Friday we went to a Brazilian restaurant we've been meaning to try since we moved down.  (Sorry for the bad picture quality!)

 At your table you have a little peg thing that is red on one side and green on the other.  When you have the green side up, waiters come over with huge selections of gourmet meats and they slice you portions right at your table!  We did the surf and turf, and had bacon wrapped filet minion, spicy sausages, pineapple, amazing salmon and some of the best shrimp I've ever had!  We ate so much we actually thought we might get sick.  It was that delicious!  Even when we flipped our pegs to red to signal to the waiters we were taking a break, they'd walk by with something yummy and we'd just have to sample it.  After dinner we had some friends over for a cocktail or five.  I'm bouncing back a little better this time than the last, thankfully!  24 and I still got it. ;)

Saturday started the line-up of Dom surprises!  As you know, I'm gluten-free, so instead of buying me a gluten-free cake that would probably taste like cardboard Dom make me a gluten-free BRIE cheesecake with a macadamia nut and brown sugar crust! It. Is. Incredible.  Then he made a blue and blackberry syrup for it...just in case my mind wasn't blown enough.  The bar for my future cakes is set high now!
 Then came Sunday.  Oh, Sunday.
I had a suspicion something was happening in the morning when Dom suggested I wear a Lilly dress to church.  At first I was a little offended he didn't like the outfit I picked out, but he just said I'm always wishing I had a reason to wear Lilly and it was a gorgeous day so why not?  I changed and off we went!

After church, we stopped to get Dom's car washed.  After he paid and we got back in the car he said we had to go back to the church because he thought his credit card fell out of his wallet when he took cash out at the offering.  So back to Palm Beach we went!  Almost every time we drive through Palm Beach I beg Dom to let us just drive by The Breakers to say hi, so I didn't think anything of it when he turned in.
 Then, the gate guy poked his head out to direct us, and when Dom usually just says we're doing a drive by, he goes, "Hi, we have a brunch reservation at 11:30!"

"WHAT?!?!" I literally yelled so loud the guy started laughing.  I think he gets that reaction a lot! I was literally so surprised! I had no idea!
We had some time to kill before the brunch began, so we had time to explore the grounds, and find my store!

If you're unfamiliar, The Breakers has a famous Sunday Brunch that includes literally everything your heart can imagine.  It has all the normal brunch foods (the gourmet versions) as well as all kinds of lobster, king crab, caviar, sushi (the best sushi Dom has ever had), and a dessert "table" that's bigger than my living room.  It's all unlimited. Dom had 4 plates full and I had 3.  We had to sample as many desserts as we could, and Dom had one so amazing he said...
"I don't know what this is, but when I'm in my casket I want it in my belly button."  If that's not a compliment I'm not sure what is!
It's served in their Circular dining room that is all windows looking out to the ocean.  Oh, and they have bottomless mimosas/bloody mary's.  I've known about this brunch forever, but never thought I would get to go!  I'm still in shock.  It was the best birthday surprise ever!  The food was incredible, as is to be expected at The Breakers! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the harpist started playing the Phantom of the Opera. Heaven. :)

I am so thankful for everyone who made my birthday so special! If this is any indication, I think 24 is going to be an amazing year!


It's My Birthday!

It'ssss my birthday, gonna party like it's ma birthdayyy! (everyone can sing along)

Today I enter the realm of my mid-twenties.  I'm turning 24 at 10 or 11 ish today! Wahoo :)
Last night Dom and I started the celebrations with a little wine and cheese, and today...I plan to have more wine.  And more cheese.  And to open the blue sparkly amazingess from Erin that has been staring at me!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend, and start each day like it's your birthday too! :)


10 Things That Make Me Insanely Happy

1. Sunshine

2. Country Music
 This is my current favorite! Try NOT to be happy and listen to this :)

3. Family

4. Cocktails
Particularly cold, frozen, bright ones.  

 5. Date Nights

6. Monograms
7. Brie Cheese
8. Sleep
9. Laughing
10. Dom :) 

What makes you happy?


Help Out One of My Blog Besties...and Win Shoes!! Could it get better?

Hi Sunshine Diary friends! My name is Samantha and I blog over at Hooah and Hiccups!

Robin is sweet enough to let me say hi today and..ask for your help and votes!! A few months back, contacted me in regards to a Blogger Styling Contest! Of course, I was ALL over it!

How it works: myself and three other bloggers each received the same pair of shoes. We were all told to style it our own way and then the public would be voting on who styled the pair of shoes the best!

So here's how I styled them! 

The Naya Shoes are absolutely adorable! Not to mention they're super comfortable and perfect for shorts and a tee, a maxi dress, or really any casual look you want to pair them with. My Bubba Bear has been giving me a run for my money recently and these shoes are comfortable enough for me to chase him around! 

I also love that they are made using eco-friendly materials; cork, bamboo and chrome-free leather are among the materials used. 

So now I need your help!! These shoes are totally down my fashion alley and I hope that you love how I styled them; enough so that you'll vote for me to win!

Want to win a pair too? All you have to do is VOTE (preferably for me :)) and you'll be entered to win a pair for yourself!

So please, vote here! Leave me a little comment if you voted... I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and help! Love you ALL!

In case you missed it... VOTE HERE!




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