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Day 21- Favorite Posts

Even though I have utterly failed at this whole blog every day in may challenge, I am still loving the prompts Jenni has come up with!  Today's is to list the links to my favorite posts.  I have a "Special Posts" page, but how many people actually go through them??

This picture has nothing to do with my post...I just felt it was necessary ;)

So... in case you missed them, here are my 5 favorite posts!  Either because they make me happy, sad, or show a little more about me.

That time by boyfriend tried to kill me

If Dom were the Bachelor!


The Day I Got Slapped By Reality

A Very Special Birthday!


  1. Haha- The Dom bachelor post is probably one of my favorite posts of yours as well :) I laughed through the whole thing!!

  2. Great posts! And thankfully I'm not the only person who has been having some difficulty with this blog everyday challenge :P

    - Carrie

  3. LOVE that Lilly pitcher!


  4. Oh goodness! I must have started following your blog after Dom tried to kill you TWICE! Yikes! ;)


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