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Help Out One of My Blog Besties...and Win Shoes!! Could it get better?

Hi Sunshine Diary friends! My name is Samantha and I blog over at Hooah and Hiccups!

Robin is sweet enough to let me say hi today and..ask for your help and votes!! A few months back, contacted me in regards to a Blogger Styling Contest! Of course, I was ALL over it!

How it works: myself and three other bloggers each received the same pair of shoes. We were all told to style it our own way and then the public would be voting on who styled the pair of shoes the best!

So here's how I styled them! 

The Naya Shoes are absolutely adorable! Not to mention they're super comfortable and perfect for shorts and a tee, a maxi dress, or really any casual look you want to pair them with. My Bubba Bear has been giving me a run for my money recently and these shoes are comfortable enough for me to chase him around! 

I also love that they are made using eco-friendly materials; cork, bamboo and chrome-free leather are among the materials used. 

So now I need your help!! These shoes are totally down my fashion alley and I hope that you love how I styled them; enough so that you'll vote for me to win!

Want to win a pair too? All you have to do is VOTE (preferably for me :)) and you'll be entered to win a pair for yourself!

So please, vote here! Leave me a little comment if you voted... I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and help! Love you ALL!

In case you missed it... VOTE HERE!




  1. Thanks love bug! You're the best! Love you!!

  2. Love the way Samantha styled these shoes! So cute! voting now!!


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