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I Can't Believe...

I can't believe... this Amanda Knox interview.  I can't believe the Italian court wants her to stand trial again.  I was so happy when she was aquitted.  I just can't see how they could think she is guilty. What do you think?

I can't believe... I made Dom's favorite chicken salad for his return from Pittsburgh last night, but I decided to blast country music on surround sound and drink wine. So it took me 3 hours to make.  But hopefully it tastes good. :)

I can't believe... Dom's flight to Pittsburgh was CANCELLED and he only made it to Pittsburgh 4 hours before his medical school interview.  Talk about stress! I was freaking out, I can't imagine what he was feeling! I'm so proud of him for getting through a 6 hour interview on less than 3 hours of sleep!

I can't believe... It's my birthday month!!! :)

I can't believe... Tate Stevens (aka the winner of X-Factor) will be preforming a free concert literally right around the corner from my house tonight.  Dom and I have loved him since his very first audition for X- Factor, so my excitement is literally through the roof!

 I can't believe... My laundry hasn't put itself away.  I mean, really.




  1. I always wish my laundry would put itself away! I can't believe he had to do that interview in three hours of sleep! At least he made it there!

  2. I LOVE Tate Stevens! Have fun watching him perform :)

  3. The Amanda Knox thing is getting ridiculous. I don't think she is guilty at all.

  4. That interview last night, ah. It's like that just wanted her ever since she moved there! Crazy! I don't think she did it either. Why hasn't the laundry put itself up!? I don't understand it at all!

  5. I think she is a little crazy, but I definitely don't think she did it.

  6. I don't know what to think of the Amanda Knox case. Maybe she is innocent, maybe she puts on a good show. Only she and the victim (and the actual murderer, if it isn't Amanda) know what really happened. They say that what really matters is how good your lawyer is. Look at Casey Anthony!

  7. So I'm working on getting to Florida before that concert tonight.... FYI. And I would love if Dom would share some of the chicken salad with me :) Recipe?!

  8. I haven't been following that story but I will for sure check it out.. how crazy!! And chicken salad sounds SO good right now!! And Same with the dishes...

  9. I have no idea who Amanda Knox is... but I don't watch that kind of stuff since Casey Anthony's trial... & how in the world how laundry not got the picture to put itself away. Seriously, get with it.

  10. Hello!
    Just found you! I posted your link-up on my blog. This is a great topic starter. I can't believe it's May 1st and the snow is falling in Denver.

  11. Damn, I'm impressed that he managed to do that interview on that little sleep... I don't really know what to think about Amanda Knox, because it's not like any of us are ever going to actually be able to know exactly what really happened.

    And I definitely wish my laundry just did itself...


  12. I also don't think Amanda Knox is guilty. If you don't base it on your opinion of her at all and only look at the evidence from the room, it seems ridiculous to try to pin it on her at all!

    And I only WISH my laundry would put itself away! That's my #1 most-hated chore. Ugh. But making chicken salad and drinking wine and dancing to country music sounds like a great way to spend a couple hours by yourself!! :)

  13. I can't believe your laundry didn't put itself away, either! How rude!

    As for Amanda Knox - I actually wrote a paper on her for one of my classes in law school. The evidence against her is kind of overwhelming, but the shady and unethical way the Italian police and government conducted themselves was ridiculous. Here in the US, she would never be convicted as most of the evidence would be thrown out!
    - Heather

  14. It's my birthday month too! My birthday is in 6 days! On May 8th and I'm so excited! When is your birthday?! Taurus lady? Or Gemini?

  15. Cannot believe you saw a free Tate Stevens concert, woo! Also...I still think Carly Rose should've won ;)



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