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I Can't Believe!

I can't believe... it's 9pm on Tuesday and I almost forgot to do an I Can't Believe post! #bloggerfail

I can't believe... This gorgeous girl got married on Saturday!!

I can't believe... how many people got married and engaged this past weekend!  I literally counted 8 in one scroll through Facebook on Saturday.

I can't believe... I got to go to The Breakers twice in one week! This time we went with Dom's parents, brother, and brother's girlfriend. :)

I can't believe... one of the bars at the Breakers is actually a fish tank. We found Nemo, and kept getting scared when this eel like thing kept swimming out from under our drinks!
 (The fish were hiding for the picture!)

I can't believe... how rowdy my work happy hour got on Friday!  It was all fun and games until our pharmacy tech turned to me and asked if I liked Patron.  And then the shots came.  We all had a good giggle seeing each other Tuesday morning!



  1. One of my friends mentioned a lot of people getting engaged this week, too. I wonder what it is?

  2. I saw a lot of anniversary posts - it seems like the end of May is a popular time for weddings/engagements!

  3. May is the most romance-filled month... I'm convinced! More than February or December ;)

    I can't believeeee.... how much fun you always have without me! WHEN can we plan our half-way meet up?!!

  4. A fish tank bar!? THAT'S AMAZING!! haha love that!!!

  5. Looks like a blast!! Looking forward to possible drinks when you're home! I saved your number and keep forgetting to text you!! I'll do it now!! Lol

  6. Ahh, that bar looks so cool!

  7. Girl you are BEAUTIFUL! I'm obsessed with your bloggy :-)

  8. Cocktails in Palm Beach... yes please!

  9. I can't believe you are so darn sweet ma'am!! Thank you! :)

  10. The Breakers looks amazing!! I agree with how many weddings there are at the beginning of June...crazy!!


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