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I Can't Believe...I'm actually getting in the swing of things!

I'm going to start with one HUGE I can't believe, which is I can't believe how freaking awful this birth control has made me feel all month! May has been infinitely better than April, but due to a pharmacy mix-up I'm on a different BC this month than normal.  It might be TMI, but most BCs make me crazy and give me horrible mood swings.  This one just makes me kind of bummed out and literally not care about anything!  It's awful.  I'm so happy to go back to my normal self next month!

I can't believe... still how amazing my birthday weekend was! I seriously have the best parents and man a girl could ask for!

I can't believe... How delicious Burberry Summer smells! Party Nana got it for me for my birthday and I just want to bathe in it!

I can't believe... Dom's parents arrived last night, his brother arrives tomorrow, and his brother's girlfriend arrives on Friday!  Our house is about to become party central again!  On that note, I can't believe how much laundry I have done in the past week...

I can't believe... how badly I want to see Eric Church in concert! I've been listening to him more and more and it's love.

I can't believe... I start University of Alabama classes on Tuesday! It's crazy to think I'll be in school for at least 2 years again!  I'm excited but whoa, it will be a change!



  1. I hope you feel better when you can go back to your normal BC!

  2. Your birthday weekend looked so fun! Dom did good! Have fun with the family this weekend and good luck with classes!!

  3. Ahhh BC is so tricky! I used to take one kind and it was AMAZING but they came out with a generic so my insurance wouldn't cover it anymore and the generic was AWFUL! I finally (after 3 years) found something that doesn't really give me any side effects.

  4. I hear ya on the makes me totally nuts. I've tried a bunch of different kinds and they all make me act like a crazy lady! I hope you start feeling back to normal! And happy belated bday!

  5. Ah I'm terrified to go on another BC because I don't want to become psychotic! Such a pain that they mixed it up!

    On the bright side, I'm glad you had such a great birthday!

  6. What bc are you taking?! I'm on generess & it's amazing. No mood swings or crazy lady symptoms lol! Yay for party central at your house too ♥

  7. I miss Party Nana! And I'm so jealous of all the Florida fun that is about to take place down there! I expect lots of snapchats ma'am ;)

    I have an idea... let's find a concert halfway we both want to go to and make it happen. I'm serious.

  8. Eric Church is AMAZING in concert! He was just here last weekend and it sold out in minutes. I've been stalking his summer schedule :)

  9. Ahh I want to see Eric Church too!! Good luck starting school on Tuesday - how exciting!! :)

  10. Makes me SO glad I made the random decision to get off BC two years ago. The bummed feeling is right on to how it made me feel. I guess I could have tried different ones, but I'm lazy.

  11. UGH BC is the devil; hope you feel better!

    And yay for classes!! Good luck lover!

  12. Ah you're going to be so amazing with your classes, I just know it! Ah, Party Nana also doubles as a good gift giver. I love it!

  13. Did Dom hear back from the medical schools he applied to? Just wondering if you know where you both will be moving to.


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