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Lovely Ladies!

As you might have seen yesterday, the decision about where Dom and I will end up might be known by the end of the week.  It is literally next to impossible for me to focus on anything else!  Thankfully, I have three fantastic ladies to introduce to you today!  All three were women I didn't know until they sponsored me, and they all became daily reads of mine.  I just know you will love them as well!

First up we have Mandy from Through the Newlywed Lens.  From the very first picture on her about me page, I knew I would just love her. I found myself nodding along with everything she said.  Mandy is a lover of summer, photography, and exclamation points!!!! Girl after my own heart. She also has a way bigger heart than I do, and has donated to Locks of Love, not once, but twice.  You will fall in love with her when you read her post where you realize she's crazy, and then just about die when you see her "first look" pictures from her wedding.  I guarantee it!

 Next, is the sweet and hilarious Samantha from It's All in the Details I should start off this intro by letting you in on a little secret.  Samantha (not Sam) is actually a celebrity. I'm not joking.  A celebrity who also sometimes eats cake for breakfast. When she's not off getting accosted by paps, she is a 20-something gal who loves her wine, reality TV, and making our mouths water with things like crock pot bacon ranch pasta. You need to head over to her blog pronto, and make sure you don't miss this post.  I know you all us bloggers can relate!

Why do I always want to jump into the lives of my amazing sponsors?  I wish I could pop into Courtney's life for a day!  Courtney is the Alabama born and raised southern belle behind Marriage and a Baby Carriage!  If you couldn't tell, Miss Courtney is getting ready to welcome a new baby boy literally any minute now (if he hasn't already arrived by the time this posts)!  The first thing I loved about Courtney was her 15 Tips to Improve Your Marriage.  They are great tips to keep any relationship alive!  She also has bump updates which always make me even more excited to "meet" a new baby!  Courtney is also a great graphic designer and has adorable and affordable options for blog buttons and side bar ads! Stop reading this and go check it out! :)



  1. i miss your face. the end. I was out of the country, but i have returned. now come hang out.

  2. These girls all look so cute. I've already opened up like ten of the links you included. Also - I like when bloggers promote their sponsors like this, rather than any other way really. It seems so much more real when YOU are saying "Check out this post I think is awesome," rather than the blogger trying to "sell herself" to your readers. Definitely worked - since I'm about to go read some of all of their posts!


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