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Monogram Me, Baby

I love monograms.
I would monogram myself if I could
(but not a tattoo, that's not really my style)
I've talked about Marley Lilly before on this blog, but if you've missed those posts, now is your chance it get with le program!
Everything monogrammed that I own is from Marley Lilly, and they are always coming out with something new that I need to have (like this shirt I just showed off on instagram last week)!
I was so excited to receive my monogrammed baseball hat, just before my birthday!
I love the look of baseball caps, but I really can't pull them off.
I have a freakishly small head, and I always manage to look super awkward.
Thankfully, this hat is actually really adjustable (more than the few centimeters on most hats) so I was able to get it to fit, and actually look good!
It is the perfect summer accessory, and went to 3 beaches and 1 pool in it's first week in my house (the only other beach accessory I've worn that much is my Marley Lilly monogrammed derby hat)!
Beyond the look, the quality is fantastic. 
It's lightweight enough to not set your head on fire when you wear it out in the sun, but the fabric is high quality and sturdy.  It even got crushed at the bottom of my beach bag before I took these pictures, and you'd never know!
The color is bright (the orange is perfect for this Syracuse girl!) and the monogram really pops.
I could not recommend this hat and Marley Lilly enough! :)

* I was sent this hat to review, but all opinions are my own.  I've been a loyal fan and customer of Marley Lilly for years!


  1. Are you crazy? You look ADORABLE in that hat!

  2. You look adorable in that hat woman! And not just because it's my favorite color!! ;) I need a hat that can go anywhere and not a sports related one. Going to look at their stuff now :)

  3. I also have a freakishly small head - as much as I love baseball hats it's hard to find ones that fit! I usually gravitate toward the kids section because they always fit ;-)

  4. Dying for some Marley Lilly...I deff think I am treating myself this summer :)

  5. Dying for some Marley Lilly...I deff think I am treating myself this summer :)

  6. Dying for some Marley Lilly...I deff think I am treating myself this summer :)

  7. I've been telling myself that one of those hats is going to be my next "me" purchase for a while. I'm glad you love it so much! I can't wait to buy mine.

  8. LOVE this hat! I'm a big hat wearer. I must look into this one.

  9. Pretty much every thing I own is monogramed. Annnnnd I have no shame in that. Love ML!

  10. Super cute! I am just becoming a fan of the monogram stuff after my best friend bought us all monogramed robes for her wedding while we get ready! Super cute! Love that hat!!

  11. I've been looking for a good mono-hat for a long time and I think I just found the perfect one. I love everything I see on her site too!

  12. I blogged about monograms today too! So clearly we are long lost sisters. But are you freaking kidding--that hat looks amazing on you!

  13. you are too cute! LOVE the monogram! and you can totally pull off the baseball hat, it looks darling! XOXO
    the well-traveled wife

  14. That is really cute, I am going to have to check that company out. I'm new here... just saying hi! xo

  15. Love that hat!! So cute, I've been looking for a monogrammed baseball hat and I might have just found it!!


  16. Oh I really like that! You look super cute in it too! But I hear you, my head is extra small and I can't wear hats very well either... I joke around and say I have a "pea sized head." This I've got to try, thanks for sharing!

  17. That's a nice-looking hat, and you look adorable with it! I'm usually just too lazy to try incorporating hats, though my head is a bit on the larger side.


  18. That hat is so cute! I love the idea of it.

  19. You could wear a paper bag and still look GORGEOUS ma'am ;) I've missed you!!

  20. So cute! I have always loved monograms!! So classic!

  21. You look so cute!! definitely like the personal touch to a baseball hat :)

  22. Its not about the hat we are
    impressed about,Its youre smile which ncharm people!!You are really BEAUTIFUL girlie!!

    Kisses from Spain!!

  23. You look awesome in the hat! And omg, I can't believe I didn't know about this site til now... I feel like I am about to spend a ridiculous amount of money on stuff I really don't need... but I am monogram obsessed!


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